Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Pet Feeder Review

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Pet feeder has become common all over the world. This feeder has become an essential and necessary component in many houses. The pet feeder is generally a device used to feed the pet animals. There are two types of per feeder; manual and automatic.

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Pet Feeder Review

The manual feeder requires manual operation to feed the pets but, the automatic feeder is a programmable feeder that feeds the food automatically in regular intervals of time. Among these two pet feeders, the automatic pet feeder is determined as the best pet feeder because it can serve the pets automatically and reduces the stress of the busiest owners.

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Pet Feeder Review

The cat mate c3000 is a specially designed automatic pet feeder for cats. This pet feeder is effective and it can easily dispense food on regular intervals of time. This dispenser is made up of highly durable plastic and can be operated automatically with the help of batteries. The important features of this automatic pet feeder are given below.

Three Meals

As mentioned above, it is an automatic meal dispenser that can be programmed to feed, up to three meals a day. There is also an additional 4 mode setting with this dispenser; with this 4-mode setting, they can be operated easily without any defects. The dispenser can also be programmed to dispense meals above two days.


This meal dispenser contains a food hopper and this food hopper can be used to dispense various quantities of the meal. The quantity depends on upon the program offered by the user. It can even dispense a minimum of two spoons to a maximum of 2 cups. Other than this, the storage capacity of the food hopper is about 6.5 pounds.


The food hopper contains a lid at the top of the hopper. This lid can be used along with the snap lock. This lock keeps the food away from the pets. Other than this, the lid offers an airtight fitting and with this fitting, the food inside the hopper can be maintained safely for a number of days.


This automatic pet feeder contains an LCD display. With this display, the owner can program the entire system effectively without any loss. Other than this, the display also displays the time duration of the feeder. It also displays various features such as low battery, program control options, etc.

Advanced Feed

There is an advanced feeder option with this feeder. You can press this advanced feed option and feed your pet whenever required. This option can be used to feed your pet prior to the assigned time.

Extra Feed

The extra feed option can be used and with this option, the pet can be fed with the meal 4 times daily at regular intervals. Other than the extra feed option, this feeder also has manual feed and frequent feed options with it.

There are various other features equipped with this device;

  • This device has optional mode setting and so that the modes in the device can be programmed efficiently.
  • This device is made up of durable plastic and it is very easy to clean.
  • The battery is an essential component of this device and it requires 4 C size batteries for operation.
  • This device can also be attached to the wooden board for higher stability.
  • A well-designed tamper proof needle is also attached with this device.


The important advantages of this pet feeder are given below.

  • This device can be used efficiently to feed the cat three times a day.
  • The feeding schedule can be easily customized by the owners.
  • This is a suitable feeder for diabetic cats as it has frequent mode option with it.
  • All the components can be easily washed with dishwasher.


Though this product has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages with it.

  • Some users feel that the dispensing rate of this device is not accurate.
  • The cats can easily put the chute to use the extra food within the feeder.
  • The operation of this machine is noisy and the accuracy in dispensing the food is very low.
Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Pet Feeder

Key features: plastic, LCD display, and various modes.

Pros: effective feeding schedule, easy to use and durable.

These are the various features, advantages, and disadvantages of cat mate c3000 automatic pet feeder. So, try this product and share your views in the box given below.


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