Crestuff Automatic Pet Feeder Review

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Pet feeders are devices commonly used to feed the pet animals. There are two types of pet feeders in the market; they are automatic and manual pet feeders. Among the two pet feeders, the automatic pet feeders are the useful feeders because it can reduce the stress of the owners.

Crestuff Automatic Pet Feeder Review

There are many types of pet feeders in the market; one important feeder among them is the Crestuff automatic pet feeder that can be used to feed the pet automatically. This pet feeder has many features and advantages, the important features of this pet feeder are given below.

Crestuff Automatic Pet Feeder Review

The Crestuff automatic pet feeder is a large capacity pet feeder with advanced scheduling options. The important features of this pet feeder are given below.


The major impact of this product is the design, the design of this product is creative and attracts the owners. This creative design is responsible for the high capacity of the device. The design ensures regular food intake for the pet animals; thereby, it minimizes the health risk of the animals.

Unique Features

This feeder also has many unique features, it has an easy to read LCD display and with this display, all the programs can be easily programmed by the users. It also has a built-in microphone and speaker, with which, it can record the personal message for the pets and this message can be played before the feeding time of the pets.

Safety Features

This device also has many safety features for serving the food effectively. It contains anti-jammer hopper for the food flow without any loss. Other than this, the plastic material used in this feeder is completely safe and it is durable. It also displays the scheduled time in the display and an alarm is produced whenever the scheduled time in the device expires.

Food Allowance

As this is a programmable device, the food quantity to be dispensed can be easily allocated to the program. It accurately dispenses the allocated level of food at the scheduled time. There are various modes used for allocating the amount of food. This feeder can dispense food from ¼ cups to 2 ½ cups. Other than this, the maximum storage capacity of the hopper is high and it can hold food about 10.65 liters. This device can be used to hold about 90 scheduled meals.


All the components of this food dispenser are made up of high-quality and with high customer satisfaction. All the components used in this device are durable and it can be used for a long time without any defects. This device works with the help of batteries and the batteries can be replaced.

There are several training tips for using this device; it includes the following.

  • Keep the bowl or feeder next to the automatic pet feeder.
  • Fill both the feeders with food.
  • The pet will start to feed slowly from the automatic feeder, now remove the old feeder, so that the pet continues to feed in the automatic feeder itself.

From the above features, it is clear that the Crestuff automatic pet feeder is an effective feeder that can feed the pets effectively without any loss.

Crestuff Automatic Pet Feeder

Key features: durable plastic, LCD display, and voice recorder.

Pros: Durable, easy to use and accurate programming.

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