Petmate Automatic Pet Feeder Reviewed

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Several pet owners worldwide prefer choosing the Petmate infinity,  one among the popular automatic feeder products, in the recent times. It is an electronic dispenser that is capable of controlling the amount of food supplied to the pet. Here is a review of the petmate automatic pet feeder featuring the detailed description of the product along with the usage tips.

Petmate Automatic Pet Feeder Review

The Petmate Automatic Pet Feeder

The petmate feeder meets the pet food requirements when the owner is out of station. The device is capable of performing operations through electronic mode with the help of the three D sized batteries in order to dispense the food in a pre-mentioned quantity and up to 3 servings per day.

About The Design

The device looks sleek and attractive in design and comes with a gray color exterior. On the sides of the dispenser is the LCD display which is easy and visible to read by anyone. It also features 3 easy to set programming buttons to perform dispensing.

The LCD monitor displays the time and the meal schedule namely the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A plastic hopper present at the top of the dispenser is clear and transparent and can monitor to observe whether the device runs short of the supply. By fixing a secure lid to the hopper, it keeps the food airtight and safe from pollutants. The design offers easy refilling of kibbles by twist opening.

What Are The Features That Make Them Stand Out?

The following special features built in the petmate automatic pet feeder helps to make them stand out of the crowd.

Controlled Dispensing- The device allows to program the required quantity of the meal that the device has to dispense. The prior setting of the number of portions for dispensing pet feed is notable; with this feature the cat or the dog can feed only the required amount of the meal and does not feed excess quantity which will avoid the pet from getting obese. This, in turn, prevents the pets from obesity problems and maintain it to be fit and firm.

Attractive Design- As already mentioned, the device is built with a grayish outer and the chute is designed in such a way that the pet cannot get near the hopper to consume excess food. The button controls are precise and accurate to program. Whenever the device runs out of battery, the LCD display will indicate it with a low light to notify you to replace the batteries.

Ease Of Use- The product’s design benefits the user with less labor. Built with a twisting lid, the food is always safe and free from the dust and impurities. Also, the dispenser bowl is easy to remove and wash with the help of the dishwasher, avoiding the strain of performing manual washing. Clean the exterior with the damp cloth if necessary and after washing, ensure that it is completely dry and free from dampness in order to avoid the growth of mildew.

How To Use The Device?

To begin press the enter button once and by using the up and down buttons set it to the correct time. To set the meal intervals, press hold the enter button and use the up and down button to fix the time of three meals. Now select the appropriate quantity of food you wish to serve each time.

Even though the product claims suitability for all sized kibbles, use only the smaller or medium size nibbles preferably to prevent the chute from getting struck up.

Also, make sure that you use only dry food to feed your pet and not wet food at any cost as the device is compatible with only the dry food meal.

Petmate Infinity Automatic Feeder

Key features: sleek, attractive, see through hopper

Pros: programmable feed controlled dispensing, easy to use.


The petmate automatic pet feeder, even if it claims to be used by any pet animal, it is preferred to be used by the dogs when compared to the dogs. However, reports state the improper quantities of food dispensing at times and it suits only for small and medium sized pellets. But, it is a lifetime investment to feed your pet animals whenever you stay away from them.

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