Paw Automatic Pet Feeder- Remarkable Features

Last Updated On September 30th, 2016 at 11:04 am

The paw automatic pet feeder is capable of adjusting the food quantity measurements depending on the prior setup. It attracts the customers with several beneficial features. This article highlights the features, structural measures, benefits, specifications, and its working functionality for giving confidence to the consumer in order to purchase this pet feeder.

Paw Automatic Pet Feeder

Features Of The Paw Automatic Pet Feeder

This paw automatic pet feeder with the features of chew proof electric cord, outer cover, robust designing, easy shoot out in all angles, easy to detach and clean makes it popular all over the world. It suits cats and dogs of all sizes and is the largest capacity automatic pet feeder holding the dry food item up to 45 cups over the hopper unit.

This paw automatic pet feeder feeds according to the user set timing to alert the pets for feeding, by the voice message recorded in the record play. The system can set four feeding times at any time in both daylight and night light. The paw product works with the alkaline batteries which last for a longer duration.

What Makes It Efficient?

This pet feeder is programmable up to 100 days with the portion size of up to 3 cups for four timing each day and is inbuilt with the smart sensor, to prevent the overloading of the pet food in the feeding tray.

The food level can be seen through the food hopper unit fitted with this device and is transparent in nature. Also, it comes with an internal microphone and speakers, to alert the pets for feeding the food through the owner’s voice message.

In addition to this, it helps to prevent the spilling of food with the pet proof lid and tamper proof hopper clips. Other than this, the product includes the detachable food hopper and feeding tray which helps for easy cleaning and maintenance.

What Are The Unique Features? 

It is equipped with the alarm setup, to alert the expiry of the programmed feeding schedule timing. This unit is sturdy in nature and is made up of ABS plastic material fitted for hopper clasps and pet proof lid for preventing the unwanted food spilling.

It is equipped to prevent the food overflowing from the tray with the smart sensor and comes with the quick readable LCD clock display, speakers, microphone, and the expiry notification of the dying battery unit.

Further, it includes the anti jamming feature mated with the alarm setup, to give the alert message to the pet owners for modulating the feeding schedule once again. Furthermore, it uses four alkaline batteries to work on alerting the pet with the clear voice message.

Also, this paw automated pet feeder comes with the measure of 14.5 inches of height, 10 inches of width, and 17 inches of length and weighs up to the range of 7 pounds. The translucent hopper unit fitted with the pet feeder unit helps to show the food level on the food tank.

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