Automatic Pet Feeder Instructions

Last Updated On October 2nd, 2016 at 10:00 am

The automatic pet feeder is one of the useful instruments for feeding the pets in the absence of the owners. This automatic pet feeder helps to feed the dogs and cats with a quantity of three to six types of meal per day. With the use of the automated pet feeders, it is easy to feed the cats and dogs with several varieties of rich contented foods. It is easy for installing at home and it does not require much space to occupy in the home.

Automatic Pet Feeder Instructions

Automatic pet feeder instructions

The instructions used for assembling the automated pet feeder is given and described as follows.

The first important step during the installation is to align the hopper to store the food  above the plastic base. Fix the hopper onto the base and twist lock to the feeder machine and retry to fix it in the case of improper fixing.

Try to align the arrow of the hopper side to lock the lid in the proper manner. Keep the locking cover on the top side of the hopper and twist it tightly in the right side direction. Check the lid by pulling in the upward direction to make sure of the proper locking.

Fix the bowl into the lower region of the hook connection, which is a further cutout in the front side portion of the base. By this insertion, the bowl can be easily removable and is secured tightly without making any noise.

Make a twist over the base and then insert the alkaline batteries over the feeding machine and replace the battery cover back to the feeder. After fixing the batteries, make sure of the working operations with the help of on and off switching option.

Then, fill the hopper unit with the food items used to feed the cats and the dogs at the same time.

By following these procedures carefully, you can assemble your pet feeder properly to feed your pets.

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