Le Bistro Automatic Pet Feeder- Review

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Mostly, many people in the world have pet animals. Some common pet animals used in many houses are cats and dogs. To keep these animals healthy, proper food, and water should be given to them as a feed regularly.

Le Bistro Automatic Pet Feeder- Review

Many owners do this function regularly while some owners are busy and require an alternative to feeding the pet animals. One best alternative for them is the automatic pet feeder. These pet feeders work automatically and can be used to take care of the pets efficiently. An important automatic feeder among them is Le Bistro automatic pet feeder.

Le Bistro Automatic Pet Feeder

The le bistro automatic pet feeder is an automatic feeder that can be used to feed the pet effectively. This device has many important features and advantages, the important features of this device is given below.


This is a programmable device that can be used in various modes. The schedule for the feeder can be easily programmed and with this, the food can be effectively dispensed for the pets. This device normally provides three meals per day but, the owner can change it as per the requirements of the pet.

Food Dispense

This dispenser can effectively dispense accurate level of food programmed in the feeder. The meals can the dispensed in various levels depending on the user. This feeder can be programmed to provide a meal between a ¼ cup to 3 cups per meal. The storage level of the hopper is also high and it can store about 5 or 10 pounds of food based on the design.

Three Meals

This feeder constantly provides three meals to the pet animals. There are timings for these three meals and the owners can schedule the timings too. The general timings programmed in this device are 6 am for breakfast, 12 pm for lunch and 6 pm for dinner. This device can be scheduled for more than a day to serve the pets when the owners are on a vacation.


There is a lid at the top of the body of this product. This lid is efficient and it can be used to store the food healthy for many days. The lid is an airtight lid and fits correctly. Also, it keeps all the infections away from the food. The lid is strong and is designed in such a way that the pets cannot open the lid.

Maintains Health

This dispenser dispenses the food accurately in prescribed levels; hence, it can be used to maintain the health of the pet effectively. It also controls the obesity of the pets and keeps them safe from various infections and diseases.


The quality of this product is high. It is made up of high-quality, durable ABS plastic that can safeguard the food effectively. This feeder requires a battery for efficient operation and these batteries should be recharged whenever the battery level is low. The device is less weight and it occupies very less space.


This feeder is durable and has many important advantages, they are,

  • This is a noiseless dispenser and no sound is produced while dispensing the food.
  • It is very easy to use and the owners can program the devices easily.
  • There is an anti-jamming mechanism with this device.
  • The count on the number of meals is constantly published in the screen.
  • It can also be used to maintain the diet and obesity condition of the pet.


Though the lid is strong, some cats can easily open the lid.

  • It uses batteries for operation.
  • The ¼ cup level of dispense is not accurate in many feeders.

These are the various features, advantages, and disadvantages of Le bistro automatic pet feeder.

Le Bistro Automatic Pet Feeder

Key features: Airtight lid, plastic body, and accurate dispense.

Pros: noiseless, durable and easy to use.

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