Lentek 6 Day Automatic Pet Feeder- Review

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Automatic pet feeders are commonly used in many households these days. Most commonly, the busiest owners of pets use this automatic pet feeder to feed their pet regularly in a scheduled proportion.

Lentek 6 Day Automatic Pet Feeder- Review

With the help of this automatic pet feeder, the health of the pet can be maintained constantly without any loss and drawbacks. There are many types and varieties of automatic pet feeder in the market, one important brand among them is the Lentek 6 day automatic pet feeder.

Lentek 6 Day Automatic Pet Feeder

The Lentek pet feeder is an efficient pet feeder that can be used to feed the pet effectively for about 6 days. With this pet feeder, the user can easily move on a vacation for 6 days. The important features of Lentek pet feeder are described below.


The Lentek pet feeder is an automatic pet feeder that can work without any manual support and need. Hence, the owner need not worry about the pet and can keep the stress away. Further, this automatic feeder works with the inbuilt batteries and programs.


The devices should be programmed on a regular basis. The owners can program the device based upon the pet’s need and function. Also, there are three common modes for serving food to the pets; these three modes are at the time duration of about 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours.


The shape of this pet dish is round and it has 6 inbuilt small pet dishes inside it. Each compartment in the pet dish can hold about 2/3 ounce of dry food and 5 ½ ounces wet food with it. This feeder has a stylish lid at the top and this lid operates at each scheduled time.


The important attractive factor of this device is its lid. The lid is stylish and round in shape. It is made up of durable material and the lid is rotated at a scheduled time to open the compartments within the feeder. The lid encloses all the compartments in an airtight manner and with this; the food inside the feeder is kept safe and free from all the infection. The lid is removable and the food can be easily refilled into the pet dishes.


This automatic pet feeder is made up of highly durable plastic and has the capacity to hold both the wet and dry foods in it. The lid operates according to the scheduled time and the pets can be fed at regular intervals of time. The programs work efficiently and the owner can view these inbuilt programs with the help of the LED display.


The essential component of this device is the battery. It requires a battery for regular operation. Highly durable batteries are preferred for this feeder because they work without any defects. The batteries should be checked periodically and replaced when the level is low.


Being advantageous, the list of the important advantages of this feeder includes,

  • This feeder can hold both the dry and wet food effectively.
  • It has many inbuilt programs and it can operate regularly without programming.
  • There are ice packs in this device and these ice packs protect the food safely.
  • This product is made up of high-quality material and it maintains the nutritional content of the food.


  • The advance button in the feeder is infeasible.
  • Refill process is slow and the owner should wait for the lid to rotate.
  • This device can feed for maximum 4 times a day and not more than that.

These are the various features and advantages of Lentek 6 day automatic pet feeder. So, try this feeder and share your views in the box given below.


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