id Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder Review

Last Updated On September 6th, 2018 at 06:39 am

The special features of the id bowl automatic pet feeder saves the time, money and energy of the people.  It plays a  major role in preventing the overeating by feeding only a limited amount of food and hence avoids vloating and indigestion in pets. Read the article below to know the features, uses, structure, and cost of the id bowl automatic pet feeder.

Id Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder Review

Benefits Of The id Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder

It is perfect for pets of different sizes and offers food in correct time.  This automatic pet  feeder can supply different kinds of meals of different sizes. However, it is preferred to feed the dry food than the wet ones.

In  the feeder, you can store 4 or 5 cups of food, to feed your pets for more number of days. And, it is provided with nine adjustable frequencies and timer settings facility in it. When your pet approaches the feeder, it opens and when it leaves the feeder, it gets closed.

It plays a good role in keeping the insects and other pests away from the food and  water. So, it is considered as the safest one to feed your pets. Further,it gives the fresh and clean food  to your  pets.  Thus, the pets can stay away from the bacteria and won’t  get affected by any type of diseases.


The feeder can be operated very easily. But initially, at the first time, reading the instruction manual is a must to operate the feeder. Later on, it becomes familiar for operations. Further, it is operated with the help of batteries and  AC adapter.


The weight of the product is 2.25 pounds and has a height of 6.5 inches, with length and width of 12 inches. It can be easily  carried  from one place  to another  place without any risk.

Color And Cost

The color of the pet feeder is white and the cost of  the pet feeder is cheaper which attracts the customers in buying this product.


The bowl is made of stainless steel and can stay for long periods of time without any damage.  The base is made of the best quality materials.


At the time of opening and closing the pet feeder, it might produce some noise and cause disturbances to your pet.  As the id tag is not a waterproof one, it  becomes wet when your pet drinks the water. Once the  id tag becomes wet, it no longer works well.  Sometimes, the battery drains soon and requires replacing it with a new  battery.   

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