Ergo Automatic Pet Feeder Review

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The specialty about the ergo automatic pet feeder is, it is available in different  sizes . It is user-friendly and can be conveniently used by the people.  If you are in a situation to leave the pets for long days, the feeder might help you. You  can connect the feeder with the UPS system for working even at the time of power shutdown.

Ergo Automatic Pet Feeder Review

As it is being equipped with the special features, it  helps to make the feeding  job easy.  The special thing about the feeder is that  it is being recommended by the veterinarians for the diabetic pets. We have given the uses, features, and structural appearance of the ergo automatic pet feeder in this article.

Ergo Automatic Pet Feeder

This pet feeder is available in three different sizes; small, medium, and large.  It offers food for 8 times a day where each meal is of different quantity. With the help of the timer, you  can change the programming  schedule of the feeder. It contains a bowl, container, and  a digital timer.  Also, it is easy to assemble.


The weight of the small sized pet feeder is less than 10 pounds and it has the capacity to hold up to 5 pounds of  foods with a capacity to hold the pellets with diameter 0.95cm.  The medium sized feeder can hold about 10 lbs to 25  lbs with the pellets of diameter 2.22cm. Further, the large  sized feeder can hold up to 20 lbs.


The feeder is provided with a thick cord and a flexible stainless tube sheath to prevent the pets from chewing it.  Also, it comes with a durable plastic coating for a long life span.

Time Settings

For each meal timings, you can set the timings. Apart from these, presetting the quantity of food dispensing is also available.


It  can store  and dispense any  type of food and in  any different size and shape.  The  small automatic pet feeder is designed for  small pets while the larger one is allotted for the large sized pets. It is provided with airtight screw on the top of the lid. AC adapter and batteries are used to back up the programming at the time of power outage.

Auger with metal and self-lubricating nylon prevents the jamming of the feeder and offers a noiseless performance.  The feeder offers the food in correct time and prevents the pets from overeating the foods which leads to indigestion.


Avoid immersing the feeder inside  the water as it damages the  product. Hence, disassemble the parts of the feeder and clean it with the soft cloth to remove the dust.   Before refilling the feeder, you should  clean the feeder to avoid the dust causing allergy  to your pets.

Ergo Automatic Pet Feeder

Key features: flexible stainless tube sheath, durable plastic.

Pros: long life span, prevents jamming.

We believe that the review was helpful  for you in collecting the information about the ergo automatic pet feeder. The product has both plus and minuses. You can purchase the product if it satisfies the needs of your pets.  Let us know your comments about the review.

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