Andrew James Automatic Pet Feeder Reviewed

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Basically, the  pet feeder is used to serve meals for the pets.  Many types of pet feeders  are  available in the market  but, the Andrew  james  automatic pet  feeder is quite different from others.  Its special features attarcts the people to purchase this pet  feeder.

Andrew James Automatic Pet Feeder Review

It saves your money, time and energy and makes feeding easy.  The essential thing to consider about this feeder is, it helps you to feed your pets regularly without fail.  The performance of the feeder is based on the type of the material used in it.

Andrew James Automatic Pet Feeder

The below information gives you the operations and  the features of  the Andrew James automatic pet feeder.

How Does It Work?

Keep the food in different trays and  set the meal timings on the clock. At the meal time, the voice recorder plays  sound for a while, for your pet  to recognize the time to feed. You can record your voice to call your pet.  It can record 20 seconds of voice messages and plays.   The feeder never forgets to feed your pet. If your pets consume the food in large quantity, you should refill it immediately.


As the food holder is large, it can hold the food for 90 days and is programmed to feed your pets 4 times  a day .


All the parts of the feeder can be cleaned very  easily and also, it requires little maintenance.

Battery Indicator

When the feeding program gets over, an alarm notification is done by the battery for feeding the pets without delay.  Further, the low battery indicator will  indicate  you to replace  the old one.


The feeder is made of the durable plastic to avoid getting damaged soon. Thus, it helps in having long life span.  Through the transparent container, you can view food level to refill the food when low.

Color And Price

The color of the feeder is available in different bright colors and the price of the Andrew James automatic pet feeder ranges from $20 to $30.

Suits For

It helps in feeding the small pets like cats, dogs, etc. Basically, it  is perfect for the small animals.

How To Operate?

At the very first time, you  can  view  the instruction manual for its operations. As the programming is quite simple, from the next time people can operate it easily.


You can feed  your  pets both at day and night. It offers meals for different times in a regular  manner based on the type of the feeder. Even when  you are  away from your pets, the voice recording helps to comfort the pets. Overfeeding of the pets can be prevented by the sensor. The feeder can hold not only, the dry foods but also, the wet foods.


Once you fill the feeder, it is essential to reprogram the feeder each and every time without fail.  The voice playback is not loud enough for the pets to hear.


  • When you plan to leave your pets for more than 2 days, place the dry food in the tray of the feeder. Avoid placing the wet foods as it may become poisonous.
  • Before refilling, clean the bowls completely to avoid bacterial infection.
  • Test whether the feeder works properly  before planning to leave your pet.
  • Lock the lid or your pet might remove it  and the feeder stops working.

You can purchase the product if it satisfies the needs of your pet.  If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.

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