Automatic Cat Food Dispenser-A Guide

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Cats become a part of our family as soon as we start getting closer to them. We, the owners of cats, wish to feed the cats regularly and maintain them to be hale and healthy. For this, we have to feed the cats at regular intervals of time according to their requirements.

How To Find The Best Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

To feed them regularly at the correct time, we have to be present at home. In cases of late working hours or stuck up in traffic, the little creatures suffer from hunger and usually make a sound like a human cry to express their hunger and let you know that they are not happy with your care.

Solve this issue by purchasing an automatic cat food dispenser which feeds the cats at correct intervals according to their diet requirements and makes the cats stay independent without having to rely on the owner for every time they are hungry.

What Are The Benefits Of An Automatic Cat Food Dispenser?

Being an owner of a furry friend, you will receive the following benefits when you purchase an automatic cat food dispenser.

  • You can have your cat to be fed at regular intervals and at appropriate quantity.
  • It will help you to be free regardless of the constant worry about feeding the cats
  • They are practical and are hygienic as it holds the food safely.
  • As they are dishwasher safe, the owners need not worry about washing the bowls of each pet manually in spite of the busy schedule.
  • As the device feeds cats in the preset quantity, it eliminates the possibilities of getting health problems such as obesity, due to overfeeding.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing

Before purchasing an automatic cat food dispenser, you will have to be clear about the following points.

Feeder Capacity

Before purchasing a feeder for a cat, you will have to look at the capacity that the feeder can hold the meals. In case you have more than one cat, you should purchase a cat feeder with maximum food containing capacity.

Meal Intervals

The cats generally love to feed whenever they feel hungry. When purchasing a cat feeder, consider choosing the one which will help you to set the feeder to dispense food at regular intervals and for maximum meal intervals. Using this function, will regulate the diet of your cat and avoid them from getting obese.

User Friendly

Although most of the feeders are easy to use on a regular basis, there are feeders which require complicated settings and operations to function properly. Avoid purchasing the complex functioning models, as they will push you to a situation which is uncomfortable to handle.

Food Type

Almost every cat is fed with only dry foods and the feeders are mostly capable of holding dry food efficiently. However, in case you wish to include wet food or a medication as a part of your cat’s diet routine, consider purchasing a model which will have separate compartments for storing foods separately and are capable of dispensing wet foods too. Also, if you are a frequent traveler, choose a feeder with the ice packs built within to keep the food fresh longer.

Safety Factor

The automatic pet feeders take good care of your pets whenever you are away from home. So, the model you purchase must have safety as its major feature. The plugs should be strong enough such that the cats do not unplug the unit while jumping or playing. Also, the shutter closure after dispensing food must be designed in such a way that it does not hurt the cat. They have to tamper proof so that the cats do not break the feeder in accidental cases.

How To Choose The Feeder According To The Cat’s Nature?

The factors to consider while choosing a feeder, apart from the above, is the type of the cat you own. When it comes to the versatility of the cats, they can be classified into three major groups; obese cats, fast eater, and smart cat. Handling the diet routine of each of these cats is not similar.

Feeder For Obese Cats- If you own a cat that is obese and tends to consume more quantity of food, consider purchasing a feeder with a timer as a mandatory feature and it should be capable of dispensing only a smaller amount of meal every time. Also, purchase the one with a protected nozzle system as this will prevent the cat from breaking the nozzle to take the food from the hopper.

Feeder For Fast Eaters- There are cats that grow up with a bad eating habit of eating fast without chewing the food properly. This will result in indigestion and several other health hazards. For these cats, a feeder has to be purchased such that it is designed to close the shutter as soon as the cat starts eating fast. This will benefit the owners to teach a proper feeding habit. Also, there are dispensers which dispense only one pellet at a time and it releases the next pellet only after the cat finishes eating the first pellet. This is monitored with the help of a wireless tag tied to the cat’s collar.

Feeder For Smart Cats- For those cats that are smart enough to overcome the safety features present in the feeder and breaks the nozzle of the feeder to get food, you will require purchasing a feeder which has remarkable safety features and a nozzle system that cannot be broken.

Final Word

Keeping in mind the features and factors mentioned above, purchase the best cat food dispenser which will suit the type of the cat you own. Also, make sure that you do not purchase a feeder only when you leave out of the station; better purchase a feeder on leisure time and get used to the setting and practice the cat to take the feed from the dispenser.

Further, ensure that the dispenser comes with a warranty of a minimum of a year’s time so that you can replace in case of problems. Irrespective of the dispenser you purchase, inform a particular friend, or a neighbor of yours, to make sure that the cat feeds properly and are safe at the initial times of usage.


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