Wireless Whiskers Autodiet Pet Feeder Review

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The wireless whiskers automatic feeder is a good looking and luxury feeder which solves the issues that are related to feeding your pet cat. Generally, the cats grown at home tend to eat whenever it needs and with this pet feeder the cat can be fed all the time effortlessly.

Wireless Whiskers Autodiet Pet Feeder Review

The feeder is capable of feeding up to 8 pets each separately by controlling the diet of each one of them. With this device, the cat cannot consume an excess amount of food than it actually requires for a day. So, here is an article reviewing the details of the pet feeder in detail.

What are the notable features of this wireless whiskers autodiet pet feeder?

The feeder comes technologically advanced with the following features that are notable.

Operation- The feeder is capable of feeding the pets with recorded portions on its own upon inputting the amount of the meal you wish to feed your cat and at how many intervals. The feeder performs its functions by electric current supply using an AC adapter and 4 D sized batteries for the back up in the case of power failure.

Feed amount- The pet feeder is beneficial to be used by both cats and the dogs and can be used for feeding up to 8 pets at a time. However, the device makes sure that the pets do not mix up each other’s food or eat the food of another one.

Auto diet- The feeder ensures that the cat eats only in the required amount and does not consume more amount of food leading to health problems. In other words, your cat can be maintained in diet easily as the system is capable of making settings for each and every pet you wish to feed using it.

What are the special features?

Apart from the features above, it also has several special features such as,

Greets pets-The feeder is designed in such a way that it greets each pet with its name. Also, in the case of having more than one pets of different types, the feeding habits has to be maintained separately for each pet. To help this, the feeder is capable of setting the feeding requirements of each pet you own.

Safety storage-The feeder is built with a shutter which closes as soon as the required quantity of food is being consumed by your pet and it also closes during the night time so that your pet does not eat at night and suffer illness.

Feeder modes- The feeder is designed to set 4 different modes to perform the function such as the automatic, to use for closing the doors of the feeder automatically after feeding the required amount, advanced mode, to set for keeping the doors always shut and opens only when a pet is detected, always shut, to use to keep the doors shut unless activated, always open, to set the feeder to remain open all the time.

How does it identify the pets to be fed?

The feeder comes with a spacious bowl that can hold the food of the pet with closed doors that are transparent to know the level of food.

The feeder comes with a wireless tag which has to be tied to the collar of your pet; this will be identified by the sensor present in the feeder and recognizes the pet as soon as it approached the feeder and feeds the required diet according to the settings you have provided in the auto diet wizard.

The feeder is capable of holding food up to 5 pounds and it avoids the strain of filling the hopper daily. Fill it once and the rest will be taken care by the feeder itself.

Further, the feeder alerts you whenever the pets avoid the feed or when in the case of improper feeding habits by eating less than the mentioned settings.

Wireless Whiskers Autodiet Pet Feeder

Key features: spacious bowl, different modes of shutter closure, big hopper

Pros: automatic feeding follows diet routine, monitors pet, can feed multiple pets.


On the whole, the feeder reduces the stress of the pet owner to be at home whenever it has to be fed. This will also be useful for those who own multiple pets and those who wish to leave the cats on diet. The pet can be fed on time and maintained to be healthy with this pet feeder.

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