What to do if your dog has Separation Anxiety

Last Updated On July 27th, 2018 at 11:28 am

You might have seen that when people are anxious they lose their real temper and they have complete focus on the content of anxiety. They don’t tend to care about sleep, food or even water. Similar is the condition of a dog when they become anxious. When left alone, they suspect that there is something unusual going on around him. Also, dogs feel that their safety with its master is challenged by someone or something.

This keeps their mind alert and instigates them to roam here and there without getting pacified. Apart from wandering around the lawn, they urinate or defecate in unusual places in which they are trained not to do so. Running, howling around the home, barking at well-known neighbors are also signs of separation anxiety in dogs. Here some tips which would help you to keep your dog calm and happy even when you are out to work.

Exercise to your dog

Anyone who is tired remains calm and this spell not only works for humans but also for dogs. You can take your dog for a hike or a run for some miles. Don’t refrain from giving him intense workouts. Load some heavy items in the dog backpack and tie it around your dogs back. This weight would make him still more tired. When you come back home, hydrate him as per his requirement and let him rest. This way when you leave your home for your work they don’t get excited on account of tiredness.

Start leaving your dog by small intervals

It is highly recommended that folks should refrain from keeping them away for a long time when they start to train their dog to mitigate separation safety. Say goodbye and stay in another room for some time, then show up to your dog and then you can leave for your work. By doing so, your dog understands that you are not leaving him for good and it would make your dog think that you are probably hiding somewhere. Gradually, increase the time and soon you can make your dog free from separation anxiety.

Stress relieving toys

Toys are clever solutions to mitigate the stress in your dog. When you are away, leaving your dog alone your dog fears the isolation and in order to keep him safe, he poses him to be aggressive. Obviously, he scratches on the floor mat, couches, beds etc sometimes leading to the destruction of expensive furniture’s. Instead of conferring your costly furniture to your dog, in order to lessen its anxiety, you can bring him his favorite bone and some chew toys. Apart from normal toys, focus on toys which are specially made for your dogs to chew.

Create a personal place for dogs

Some owners have the habit of fondling and interacting intensively with their dog before they leave for their work and after they come back. This habit would make your dog suspicious and make it feel something bad is about to happen after that interaction. Consequently, it would make the situation worse. Be casual to your dog, before you leave for your job and when you come back from work just say a ‘hi’ to your dog. Don’t interact and fondle him until he becomes normal. Eventually, this habit enables your dog to understand that the separation is just for some hours.

Hidden treats

Some folks keep some treats all around the house and yard to and command the dog to search for the treats. This technique can keep them busy throughout the day thereby diverting their attention from isolation and separation. Awesome technique, which really works!

Pet cubes

Pet cubes-a funny electronic gadget to interact with your dog. This gadget is placed at home like a normal television or a refrigerator. As it possesses a camera, it allows the owner to see the dog at home through a smartphone. While you are away from your home, you can simply ask your pooch to do some work thereby keeping your pooch busy and refrain from the anxiety of separation.

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