10 Tips to Stop Aggression between Cats

Last Updated On July 26th, 2018 at 09:10 am

Although cats are cute domestic animals which serve to be a good companion to humans there are also situations in which cats are hated. One such situation is when they fight within them and such clashes are more frequent in the houses where there are two or more cats. The hissing, yowling and squealing noises made by them while they get ready to fight is really annoying. You just can’t jump in between them and wave a white flag symbolizing peace among them. Not only that, you should also be prepared to incur battle wounds all over your hands while trying to appease them. Here are some ideas that you can follow to keep away aggression from cats.

1. A good number of toys

As you know, cats love to play a lot with any item they have. No matter whether the item is a ball, a key chain, a rubber mat or whatever you think it might be. Apart from playing mood, they also have a tendency to bite anything to unleash the locked rudeness and anger. When they are engaged in combat with the toys, soon they become tired and exhausted. Having lost all their energy in the toys, they would not have any more energy to fight each other.

2. Litter boxes

Not only dogs, once the doors are closed, cats also cannot get outside the house. How can they pee in the middle of the night? For that, you need to place a litter box inside the house and make it accessible for your cat to use it. But when there are two or more cats, dominance over the litter box shall cause a dispute between them. Therefore, having separate litter boxes can be very helpful to you in such situations.

3. Electronic cat door

When you own two or three cats, the strongest one among them would dominate the others. That bully cat takes all the comforts and allowances given to the other cats and put them in despair. Electronic cat doors can be used by hanging a tag on the neck of the submissive cat which allows only the submissive cat to pass through it thereby reducing clashes.

4. Orders from a dog

Cat’s fight each other to prove their strength and courage to the other cat. Settling the issue by a human is not possible. On the other hand, if you own a dog and if he sits beside you, the possibility of the occurrences of the fight shall be very low. This is because both the cats know that the dog is more powerful than them and so the cats have to subdue to the orders of the dog without any doubt.

5. Distraction

Distraction from an event not only works for humans but also for the cats while they fight. If you happen to see two of your cats posing themselves ready to fight, just make a call to all of your pet buddies for treats. Make sure that you treat the submissive cat well in front of the bully cat, which eventually shall reduce fights between them.

6. Jealous

When you bring a new cat home, it is quite obvious that you are going to treat him special. This would make your old cat jealous and eventually lead to conflicts between them. So, stay away from showing any sort of partiality to any of the cats you own.

7. Familiarizing scent

An old cat which resides in your house fights the newcomer because it feels uncomfortable with the strange scent which finally results in a fight. You can simply rub the towel against the skin of your new cat and introduce that towel to your old cat and repeat this for 2 weeks. Prolonged exposure to the scent, can keep your old cat from getting infuriated at seeing a newcomer.

8. No treat for clashes

When two cats are getting ready to fight, people often tend to pacify the bully cat by giving him a treat. This means, you are supporting the bully cat to repeat that unfriendly act. So, if you want to stop these animal fights stay away from giving treats to your bully cat in such circumstances.

9. Prescription

Sometimes frequent fights between your cats shall be frequent and awful with terrible sound and wound. If such situations cannot be handled by the owners with human intervention and behavior modification they can opt for medications. Veterinarians also have a lot of medications especially for tough bully cats with poor behavior and such medications shall work well.

10. Neutering and spaying

Gender attraction between the cats is another issue which creates fights. Most probably, bully cats attacks the submissive chap just because to show its power and strength to the other gender beside it. Hence, for clash free home, it is the responsibility of the owner to perform neutering and spaying to their cats.

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