Best Automatic Cat Feeders Reviews in 2020

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The automatic pet feeder for cats is specially designed with the special features, which make the cats  recognize the voice and should feed on the correct time.  The voice recordings are the most important feature in the feeder.  So, while purchasing the product, you should make sure  that all the  features are  provided in it  to make  the cats  impress.

Best Automatic Pet Feeder For Cats

Even though the owners  are  away from the cats,  the feeder should never make them feel alone.

Best Automatic Pet Feeder For Cats

The best one  is that saves the money, time, and effort of the people.  Here, we have recommended some of the top picks for you.

PictureNameKey FeaturePriceOur Rating
Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder For CatsBest Materials$ (4.4 / 5)
Flexzion Automatic Pet Feeder For CatsEasy To Maintain$ (3.4 / 5)
PYRUS Automatic Cat FeederEasy To Feed$ (4 / 5)
Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder For CatsHighly Durable$ (3.9 / 5)
Xingya Automatic Pet Feeder JimmyPet For CatsLow Cost$ (4.9 / 5)

Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder For Cats

The color of the feeder is white.  The icepack keeps the food fresh.  The feeder provides safe  and healthy foods to the cats by providing the meals for 2  times within 48 hours.  The detachable bowls can be cleaned very easily. It is advisable to avoid immersing the feeder in water and  the dispenser should be cleaned with  the cloth.  The feeder can store dry and canned foods. Place the feeder in a shady and cool place.

Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder For Cats

Key features: ice pack, detachable bowls.

Pros: easy to use and clean.

Flexzion Automatic  Pet Feeder For Cats

It can hold up to  7 lbs of dry food.  You can record your voice and at the time of meal , it will play  your voice. On hearing the voice, the cats will come  and  start feeding the foods on a correct time.  Through the large  LCD display, one can read the measurements.  It is programmed to release the food from ¼  to ½ cup. One can check the food levels through the transparent food container.

Flexzion Automatic Pet Feeder For Cats

Key features: large lcd display, transparent food container.

Pros: easy to set, check the food level.

PYRUS Automatic Cat Feeder

The excellent thing about the product is that  it can hold up to 5.5 liters of dry food.  The readings are displayed in the LCD screen display. So, one can easily identify the measurements.  Even when you are  not present near your cat, the feeder offers the food in time.

As the food hopper is made  of the best ABS plastic materials,   it  has the capacity to tolerate the heat. The feeder has a long life span. It offers food by voice  recording so that  the cats think that  you are at home. It can be maintained very easily without applying any special effort.

PYRUS Automatic Cat Feeder

Key features: ABS plastic materials, voice recording.

Pros: Easy to operate, easy maintenance.

Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder For  Cats

The specialty  about the product is that it  is operated with the help of the  alkaline batteries.  As it  has a large holder,  it can hold up to 10 lbs. But, it dispenses food  from ½ cup to 5 cups. Based on the size of the cat, the amount of the food gets  varied.

As it is provided with the built-in recorder and  speaker, one can record the voice and  at the time of  food, you can voice call your cat.  The  life of the battery lasts  for  about 6  months.  It can be used for  indoor purposes.

Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder For Cats

Key features: Alkaline batteries, built-in recorder and speaker.

Pros: easy to clean, provides hygienic food.

Xingya Automatic Pet Feeder JimmyPet For Cats

The feeder is provided with the ice packs and it keeps the food always fresh.  It plays  an important role in preventing the cats from obesity.   It offers 2 meals within 48 hours.  The feeder  feeds the food in the correct time without fail.  The design of the  product looks attractive and  provide awesome look when placed at your house. As the feeder is made of the durable materials, it can  stay for long periods without any  breakage.

Xingya Automatic Pet Feeder JimmyPet For Cats

Key features: Durable materials, ice pack.

Pros: Prevent obesity, easy to clean.

If you are aware of any other automatic pet feeder for cats that are exceptionally designed and performs well, write to us so that we will include them too.

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