Does Your Cat Need to See the Vet? 5 Things to Check

Last Updated On July 26th, 2018 at 09:25 am

We often underestimate the power that each animal on this earth exhibits. When it comes to domesticated pets, we think that cats are animals which should remain subjugated to humans. Do you think that they possess less power comparing to humans? If your answer is ‘yes’ then trust me, you are wrong. Cats are barely 1 feet in height and when they tend to jump over a 5 feet wall they just leap over it without any support.

Note that, the wall is 5 times taller than the cat. Now, we come to humans. The average height of a human is around 5 feet. Can a human jump over a wall which is 5 times his height? Not even one feet exactly. So, it is important for every one of us to accept that all animals including humans have their own strength which is unique.

Like a dog, cats can also be very intimate to you, but when they are not feeling well they don’t tend to be too close to humans. Sometimes you might have to take your pet to your vet, but most of the time things would turn out to be fine without a vet. Listed below are some tips which you should know when to take your cat to your vet.

1. Discolored gums

If you press your index finger against a hard surface like a table, it is sure that you will have some pale region at the tip which gets refilled in seconds. Gums are the sensitive regions of a cat which has a lot of capillaries and blood vessels. These blood vessels reflect the exact health status of your cat. Due to illness, your cat might have discolored gums which tell about the health of your cat. In case, if the gums are blue in color, then it is due to the insufficient intake of oxygen and if the gums are pale yellow in color it might also be a symptom of liver or kidney diseases. Therefore, if you find your cat with the unusual coloration of gums it is good to take it immediately to a veterinarian.

2. Change of appetite

As instructed by your vet, you always provide your cat only with the stipulated amount of food. Most of the times, you can see the plate empty but, sometimes you can see that your cat has not taken any food. What is the reason behind this? Evidently, it is due to the deterioration of its health. If you see your cat drinking excess of water or drooling excessively then, make sure that your reach your vet as soon as possible to get good medical aid as it could be a symptom of diabetes or kidney disease.

3. Vomiting

It is something always disgusting for the person next to you, but only you can feel the discomfort of your cat.  Vomiting in cats happens occasionally. But, you should not feel negligent about your cat vomiting continuously. Most probably, he would have eaten something unwanted with much haste. Consuming something in haste can also cause vomiting but, sure it would not lead to continuous vomiting. Also, if you happen to see blood stains when your cat vomits, then it sure you need a veterinarian.

4. Acting strange

Cats are usually meant to be silent animals. Usually, they have a great affinity for the humans to play with them. Sometimes, you can see your cat, sitting somewhere totally negligent about the environment without raising its tail. That means he is not ok. At such times cats tend to avoid humans interaction and also they hate to consume food even if it is his favorite food. So, if you happen to sense decreased appetite, loss of interest, improper sleep and thirst patterns then it is good to take him to the veterinarian.

5. Abnormal walk

Cats don’t express explicitly to anyone, instead, they keep everything concealed. Even after a fight, they keep their pain hidden which is just a tactic followed by them to show their enemies that they are strong thereby reducing the confidence level of its enemy. But, after his enemy has left, they cry in pain and agony. Sometimes, he would have encountered a minor accident and have his limbs fractured. It can’t be seen when they sit idle. But when they walk, you can sense some abnormality. Sometimes abnormalities might also occur due to arthritis and fragility. Regardless of the reason for its abnormal walk, it is always good to take your cat to the veterinarian to keep him healthy.

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