10 Best Dog Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

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After spending many hours researching and reading our experts team has picked the top 10 best dog toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Here we have included the top pick for all natural toothpaste, for enzymatic toothpaste, and for tartar control. I have chosen Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste as my number one as it is one of the best dog toothpaste.

It has done a great job to reduce tartar, plaque, and fights against bad breath. Dog’s dental hygiene is very important it can make a tremendous difference in his overall health and comfort. Poor dental hygiene can badly affect your dog’s health and the entire body.

Bacteria can be found in a dog’s mouth it is very natural and harmless, but if your dog’s oral hygiene has been left for long periods of time plaque and tartar can be formed. Dog toothpaste is not only used to help the dog smell better, but they also help keep their oral hygiene at a good level.

Just take a little amount of paste onto a fingertip and let the dog lick it off. Gently rub the brush over your pet’s teeth at the front which is easier to reach.

Dog Toothpastes 2018!

Premium Pick – Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

It is the best dog toothpaste that works to breakdown plaque and preventing it hardening into tartar. It comes with an amazing flavor and 100% safe as it contains only the natural abrasives that will remove plaque easily.

Budget Pick – Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste

This toothpaste is best for the value of money but it is very effective in breaking down the germs and bacteria. Using this best toothpaste will make your job easier. Use this high-quality toothpaste to give a good oral hygiene for your dog.

Top 10 Best Dog Toothpastes

Below are the top 10 best dog toothpastes that are reviewed based on their effective result and usability by our team. The incredients used, the main uses and side effects of all products also mentioned here.
Product Name
Our Rating
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Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste
(5 / 5)
Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste
(4.9 / 5)
Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste
(4.9 / 5)
Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Natural Toothpaste
(4.8 / 5)
Arm & Hammer Advanced care Fresh Breath Toothpaste
(4.8 / 5)
KISSABLE All-Natural Dental Care
(4.7 / 5)
Sentry Petrodex Natural Toothpaste
(4.7 / 5)
EZ Dog Pet Toothpaste
(4.6 / 5)
ARK NATURALS Breath-Less Brushless Toothpaste
(4.6 / 5)
Paws & Pals Dog Enzymatic Toothpaste
(4.5 / 5)

#1 – Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

The Petrodex enzymatic toothpaste is the high rated toothpaste for dogs it is specially made for pets. The main use of this toothpaste is it controls plaque and tartar with regular use just to improve the oral health of your pet.

 Our top pick for best toothpaste is the Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic toothpaste as it cleans the puppy’s teeth well. It is the most effective and fastest dog toothpaste when it comes to preventing tartar buildup in dogs.

Natural enzymes are used in this toothpaste which makes your dog’s teeth neat as well as clean; all the bacterial infections will be removed so the pet can get rid of foul breath.

It is good to ensure overall dental hygiene and it is completely poultry flavored. The taste will be amazing also it won’t make them sick if the pet swallows some because it is non-foaming. The dog will be very excited to brush the teeth with this toothpaste for daily routine.

If you need the best natural toothpaste this would be the perfect choice for your lovable pet. The natural enzymes will protect the teeth and does not affect as chemicals would. Brushing teeth helps prevent bad breath as well as gum disease. 


#2 – Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste

It is one of the most popular toothpastes that is made with five different flavors like poultry, beef, vanilla-mint, malt, and seafood. This toothpaste is so effective which uses enzymes to break down the bacteria.

It helps to neutralize an odor which is caused by bad breath just to ensure that your dog’s breath is fresh and clean. The impressive C.E.T dual enzyme inhibits the plaque formation it also does not contain any foaming agents.

Enzymatic toothpaste is always healthy as they use a natural chemical reaction to clean the pet. It is good to brush your pet’s teeth daily to help remove and prevent plaque build-up and also to freshen his or her breath.

The paste comes in various flavors, so even the picky pooches won’t able to resist. It provides neutral antibacterial action and neutralizes mouth odors. With the help of proper oral hygiene, your dog’s teeth will turn white. It has a long-lasting effect that can remove plaque and tartar deposits from the pet’s teeth.

It also targets gum diseases that lead to bleeding and sensitive gums or loss of teeth. This toothpaste is special as it comes with a natural method of cleaning your pet’s teeth and also makes it a pleasurable experience.


#3 – Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

It is one of the most effective toothpastes available on the market today. The Vet’s best enzymatic toothpaste is the natural way to enhance oral hygiene in your pets. This toothpaste removes the bad odor and freshens breath that gently cleans away tartar as well as the plaque.

It is capable of removing the plaque effortlessly with its regular use. This jelly toothpaste is made from neem oil, baking soda, aloe, grapefruit seed, and enzymes. These ingredients soothe your dog’s mouth and freshen their breath. It is fully packed with natural flavors which are 100% organic natural flavored dog toothpaste means it is completely made with natural ingredients.

These organic flavors may prevent plaque, fungi, bacteria also keeps your dog’s oral hygiene to best condition. The paste has another main ingredient which is baking soda as it is ideal to help your dog get clean, neat, shiny, white teeth.

The vet recommended dog toothpaste comes in a 3.5 oz. a tube which is 1 oz higher than other normal toothpaste. Most of the vet specialists recommend this toothpaste because it keeps the dog’s gum healthy, clean, and protected from plaque and tartar buildup. This paste is great for improving bad breath and makes your dog’s teeth sparkling clean.


#4 – Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Natural Toothpaste

The Nylabone Advanced oral care toothpaste provides healthy teeth and gums to your pup. It is made of natural peanut butter flavor also reduces plaque and tartar build-up for offering better dental care. This toothpaste is packed with both a toothbrush and a finger brush for your pet’s convenience.

 It comes in a peanut flavor and it is completely made with 100% natural ingredients including a real, natural flavored peanut taste. With this paste, you can prevent bacterial build up in your dog’s mouth just to ensure a long, happy and healthy life to the pets.

It comes in a 2.5-ounce tube and made with Denta-C to reduce plaque and to remove unhealthy bacteria. Most of the dogs love yummy peanut flavor and leaves your pup with fresh breath as well as healthy teeth & gums. It is available in multiple sizes, different flavors, and attractive shapes so there are a lot of options to pick the best one.

Nylabone actually promotes good dental hygiene and enhance the mental fitness; take a small amount of paste and use your finger to clean the pup’s teeth. Gently rub teeth and gums in a circular motion allow your dog to taste the flavor and then start brushing with a back & forth motion.


#5 – Arm & Hammer Advanced care Fresh Breath Toothpaste

The Arm & Hammer Advanced care kit is very effective in eliminating the dog’s bad breath. This canine toothpaste uses high-quality enzymes to break down and prevent tartar buildup.

It is one of the most affordable kinds of toothpaste in the market. This is sorbitol-based gel toothpaste which is packed in a bottle and there are two different flavors available one is vanilla ginger and the other is banana mint.

Without a doubt, owners can buy this toothpaste and make your dog’s teeth shiny and white; it is 100% safe to use this product. The flavor is amazing so the dog will always look forward to brushing. One of the main ingredients used in this toothpaste is baking soda which makes the pup’s teeth shiny within weeks.

It also cleans and deodorizes the teeth, mouth, and gums of your pet. Arm & hammer toothpaste is naturally made and it contains baking soda, chamomile, aloe vera, green tea leaf extract, and glucosamine. As it is completely organic there will not be any issues if the dog swallows toothpaste a little.

It is mainly designed to remove bad breath while fighting tartar and make their breath fresher. This is the best overall toothpaste for preventive care.


#6 – KISSABLE All-Natural Dental Care for All Dogs

It is 100% natural toothpaste which is safe and effective to keep your dog’s oral hygiene in good condition. There are three main ingredients used in this toothpaste which are phosphate, tetrapotassium, and tetrasodium which are highly effective at reducing the tartar build-up.

This is vanilla flavored toothpaste that removes the foul breath and makes your pooch kissable again. If your brush daily with this toothpaste the gums turn healthy, clean and eliminates all the bacterial infections.

 Stevia is a special ingredient that acts as a natural sweetener and gives a great taste to the dog’s mouth and will make your pooch love it. The tea tree oil is an antiseptic factor that leaves a good breath.

Kissable toothpaste is safe to swallow and it is suitable for all dogs and puppies. With regular cleaning, your pup’s teeth will be protected from tartar and plaque as the paste will be a great coating to the teeth. It is more like a dental gel and is completely foam-free which is ideal for dogs and small puppies.

It contains Kaolin that polishes the pup’s teeth effectively. This kissable toothpaste gives a long-lasting fresh smelling breath; the toothbrush has soft bristles that gently massage your pet’s gums.


#7 – Sentry Petrodex Natural Toothpaste

It is one of the best enzymatic toothpaste to control plaque and promotes good breath. This toothpaste is specifically made for pets and cleans the teeth; it also reduces tartar and plaque buildup to fight against the bad breath.

The Sentry Petrodex Natural toothpaste comes in an attractive bright red color just to cover the customers. It is packed in a 2.5-ounce tube and if you use it regularly it may last for a couple of weeks. The paste is filled with safe, natural ingredients as there are no preservatives and chemicals added.

Most of the dogs love peanut flavor as it is completely natural and has been added to encourage the dog to enjoy their brushing time. Petrodex is non-foaming so no need to rinse, it is safe to swallow and your pooch will enjoy poultry flavor. Oral care is very significant to keep your pet’s gums clean and healthy.

There are varieties of flavors available in the markets like peanut butter, mint, vanilla, beef dog-bone, herbal, seafood, malt, and many other combinations. Every dog is different and has fussy taste buds so it is crucial to pick the suitable flavor for your pup. Vanilla is popular among most of the dogs since they are too sweet.


#8 – EZ Dog Pet Toothpaste

EZ Dog Toothpaste is the best one to promote healthy gums. It contains tea tree oil and has an aromatic vanilla flavor so dogs enjoy their brushing daily. It’s non-foaming so rinsing is not necessary. To add extra flavor and sweetness to the paste, Stevia has been used thus making it very easy to use. The vanilla mint flavor eliminates foul breath and leaves a delightful breath in your dog’s mouth.

It is an all-natural, sugar-free product so dog owners prefer this paste and they say that it makes their pet’s breath smell clean and fresh. This toothpaste offers a proper dental care for your pooch and supports healthy gums.

This unique formula is specifically designed for cleaning pet’s teeth also it contains tartar control formula and a touch of tea tree oil for clean gums. It is available in a 2.5-ounce tube which is naturally sweetened for clean smelling breath. It is natural toothpaste which is available in standard beef poultry flavor.

 All the ingredients used in this EZ pet toothpaste are natural and organic that will remove plaque and tartar buildup. It is easy to use just squeeze the toothpaste to the soft brush bristles and brush in a circular motion.


#9 – ARK NATURALS Breath-Less Brushless Toothpaste

The ARK Naturals brushless toothpaste is specially designed for dogs 12 weeks and older and these specific chews are for medium to large breed dogs. This natural toothpaste fights plaque and tartar to keep your pet’s teeth sparkling clean.

This kind of toothpaste is available in various flavors like vanilla, cloven, cinnamon, and alfalfa. Attractive and sweet flavors make the brushing experience a real fun and your dog feel fresh for the whole day. It comes in an 18-ounce bag and boasts all benefits as normal dog toothpaste.

 If your pup hesitates to brush the best option is to use brushless toothpaste like the ARK Naturals Breath-Less Brushless Toothpaste Dog Chews. The toothpaste is abrasive than enzymatic which means it is ready to remove all plaque, bacteria, fungi, and tartar from your dog’s gum and mouth immediately.

It is naturally flavored dog toothpaste which is 100% organic that help your dog get clean, shiny, white teeth.  The cinnamon, vanilla, and clove reduce bacteria in the mouth and promote fresh breath.

It will have a long-lasting effect that won’t harm your dog’s teeth as harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients that dissolve tartar and plaque. It comes in different flavors, so even the picky pooches won’t be able to resist.


#10 – Paws & Pals Dog Enzymatic Toothpaste

Paws & Pals is a well-known pet industry as they use only natural ingredients in their products. This tooth is good for bad breath and it is fully packed with organic ingredients so it can be suitable for dogs as well as cats.

The dental care is very significant to keep your dog happy. This toothpaste is ideal for small dogs, large dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens as it helps to aid gum disease, tartar buildup, and plaque to strengthen your pup’s teeth.

It is packed together with a dual headed gentle massage bristled soft brush for make your dog comfortable while brushing. It comes with a beef flavor and aims to fight plaque as well as tartar buildup.

Paws & pals are consistently improving and it has an attractive white background with a cheeky brown dog & cat outline. If your dog brushes with this toothpaste daily, you may notice the shining white teeth within weeks. Each and every ingredient within the tube is to fight against bad breath and bad oral hygiene.

It’s ideal for fuss dogs as they don’t enjoy their teeth cleaning time. Improves oral hygiene and it is a wonderful cleaner for both dogs & cats.


What to look for in toothpaste for Dogs?

Toothpaste that contains natural enzymes is highly beneficial to dogs. It is important to ensure that the paste you buy is specially made for dogs. With gentle motions, brush to clean the gums and teeth because most of the pets don’t allow to brush the inner surface.

So just ensure you reach canines and the upper back molars. Brushing the dog’s teeth twice a month will produce impressive results.

Many kinds of toothpaste use artificial flavors instead of sugars so it is better to ensure whether the paste is safe for your dog. If the toothpaste contains tea tree oil just beware of it and should be stored safely out of your pet’s reach.


Choose the organic toothpaste that has the best taste because every dog is different and some of the pets may have fussy taste buds. Nowadays owners can get paste with various flavors like poultry, chicken, peanut, vanilla, beef, dog bone, herbal, organic, malt and many more.

As dogs love sweet taste vanilla mint paste is highly popular among the dog owners. By providing your pup with this kind of tasty pastes they will brush daily and enjoy doing it continuously.

Dogs can be fussy eaters so buy a natural or poultry flavored paste that couldn’t cause much fuss like normal toothpaste.


It is highly recommended to buy enzymatic toothpaste for pets as it helps to prevent all the dental disease. It must be done daily and regularly. Why use enzymatic toothpaste? It protects the pup’s teeth from plaque, tartar, and other bacterial infections also it is 100% safe for your dogs to swallow.

What is the main factor in enzymatic toothpaste? Glucose oxidase works as a best antibacterial agent and when both glucose and oxygen gets connected it takes on the antibacterial qualities.

It’s an important part of many brands toothpaste ingredients and protects against inflammation, infected teeth, gum diseases, or other oral illness.

Fresh Breath

Every dog owners invest in high-quality toothpaste to refresh your dog’s mouth and to keep their gums clean. With regular cleaning, your pup’s teeth will be cleaned also it may look shiny. The plaque and tartar will be removed because the paste will nicely coat the teeth. Baking soda is an important ingredient which makes the dog’s teeth white and shiny.

Brushing your pet’s teeth once a day gives an amazing result. Even two or three times a week is beneficial if your dog hesitates to brush daily.  Make use of an enzymatic toothpaste as it is made from the fungus that produces penicillin.

Tartar removable

When you buy the toothpaste for your lovely dogs it is good to get the tartar buildup removing toothpaste.

This kind of paste can help to keep their teeth clean and shiny. Fluoride-free toothpaste will also help keep your dog safe even if they swallow a little bit.

Enzymatic dog toothpaste can help reduce plaque and tartar that are the natural bacteria while also killing these microorganisms. Dog’s oral hygiene is very significant because it plays a huge role in his or her health. Buy non-foamy toothpaste for your furry friend as they can’t swallow foam.


Maintaining oral hygiene of your pet is very important. Plaque and tartar not only discolor the teeth but also produce bad breath which can damage the jaws of your pet too. The best thing you can do before buying the toothpaste is consulting a vet.

Based on the decision you can choose what specific pastes you need to use to help your dog’s problems. The plaque/tartar removable or gum protection pastes will be best to prevent all the dental issue of your pet.

Ensure which brand will be suitable for your pet; the toothpaste comes in a very original, sweet-dog bone flavor that many pups adore to have it.

Final words

There are lots of canine toothpaste to choose from, all the top listed products are the best dog toothpaste on the market. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly with dog toothpaste to give your furry friend a healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best dog toothpaste?

The Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic toothpaste is the best dog toothpaste. It helps to reduce tartar and plaque buildup and fights the bad breath. It is very important to maintain the oral hygiene of your dogs because it can make a tremendous difference.

  1. What is enzymatic toothpaste for dogs?

Proper dental care plays an important role in his overall health. Enzymatic toothpaste for dogs uses enzymes that reduce bacteria in the mouth and prevent tartar buildup. It comes in different flavors but most of the dogs love beef and poultry flavors. 

  1. Is Nylabone toothpaste safe for dogs?

This toothpaste is made with natural peanut flavor, cleans the teeth and freshens breath easily. Dogs love yummy peanut flavor and it has Denta-C to reduce plaque and bacteria. Nylabone minimizes the risk of developing the oral disease.

  1. How often should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Dental care is very essential for dogs as humans. Daily teeth brushing will give a lot of benefits also brushing at the end of the day will help remove all the bacteria from food that the dog has eaten during the day.

  1. Can toothpaste kill a dog?

Toothpaste is made of a substance called xylitol which is completely safe for humans but absolutely toxic for dogs. The standard 100gm toothpaste is enough to make your dog sick. This xylitol is extracted from birch trees, corn fiber, and other vegetable materials.

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