Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder

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The Qpets automatic pet feeder is one of the customizable feeders, to feed the pets with different types of food meals. It is the best choice for every small to bulky pets as it provides an easy way to feed the pets without storing in seperate containers.

Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder

Every Qpets automatic pet feeder consists of an airtight lid, to safeguard the smart pets against the overeating habit, diabetes, and obesity. The recording system embedded in the Qpets automatic pet feeder helps to alert the pets for feeding, once the food is dispensed from the food tank to the pet’s bowl.

List Of Best Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder

The 5 best Qpets automatic pet feeder includes the following,

Qpets AF 200 Advanced Programmable Pet Feeder

The Qpets AF 200 is one of the most advanced pet feeder unit, which consists of the large hopper unit, to hold the food up to 10 lbs. It helps in dispensing the food items up to 5 cups and works with the long lasting battery for about 6 months.

This system is well suited for the small, medium, and the large sized pets for feeding process. This model comes with the measure of the 11 inches of height, 12 inches in width and 11 inches in depth and weighs only 5 pounds.

It is built in with a voice recorder and a speaker, to record the own voice message, to alert and remind the feeding time for the pets staying in the home on the regular basis.

Qpets AF 200 Advanced Programmable Pet Feeder

Key Features – large size feeding unit, speaker setup, and voice recording unit.

Pros – easy to remind the food feeding, easy food dispensing, large capacity hopper unit.

Qpets 6 Compartments Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

This Qpets automated pet feeder model consists of six compartments, to feed the pets with the dry food, moist food, and wet food items. This device is mainly used to feed the pets in the regular feeding schedule to have food for six times a day.

This automated pet feeder consists of a recording unit and a speaker setup, to record the pet owner’s voice message for feeding the pets in the correct timing and to grow pets in a healthy lifestyle.

This system consists of the built-in clock setup for referring the timing in the LCD display unit. This newly designed model constitutes of the airtight lid lock, to keep the food safe and fresh in the food tray.

Qpets 6 Compartments Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Key Features – rich nutrient food, LCD display, alert message, six food compartments.

Pros – correct feeding schedule, easy reference, and lid locking with air-tight closures.

Qpets WF-300 3 In 1 Automatic Pet Feeder

This Qpets automated cat feeder is one of the pretty and innovative three in one design, which includes an extra implementation of fountain combined bowl. It includes the LED light for convenient display of the water level and the food stuff.

It is an ideal model which serves from small to large sized pets with both food and water at the same time. The water fountain mated with the feeding compartment provides the fresh, clean, and rich nutrient content.This model helps to filter out the unwanted impurities for maintaining the healthier lifestyle.

It simply uses the bowl as a scoop, to upgrade the level of adding water into the outlet in the slow process. To operate, insert the power plug to the adaptor from the fountain to turn on the LED, as well as, the pump turns on at the same time. For water flow adjustment, try to switch the pump for adjusting in slower mode and faster mode.

Qpets WF-300 3 In 1 Automatic Pet Feeder

Key Features – LED display, water fountain with pet feeder, adaptor, and innovative design.

Pros – healthier lifestyle, unique design, minimum water flow and easy refilling.

Qpets Electronic Petself Automatic Feeder

This model constitutes the ability to hold the dry pet food items up to 45 cups and is operated with a low battery of alkaline type. The Qpets electronic petself automatic feeder unit includes the programmable portion sizes, to keep the cats and dogs for easy feeding.

This model is equipped with the recording unit and the speaker setup to record the owner’s voice message and to play in order to alert and remind the pets for regular feeding schedule. The feeding schedule is programmed up to four times a day.

This model is designed for all size of pets as it comes with a large capacity of food storage for feeding the pets up to 99 days in the absence of the owner. It consists of the smart sensor to prevent the overloading in the feeding tray and safeguards the pest attack against the hopper unit.

This model includes a unique feature of anti-clogging function in the food hopper unit to keep the food stuff fresh by means of this airtight closure. The pet proof lock is inbuilt on the lid, to secure the food item.

This durable ABS model consists of the alarm system which is mated with the microphone, speaker setup, battery expiry indicator, four alkaline batteries, and the recording system. This product comes with the measure of the 11 inches of width, 15 inches in depth and 11 inches in height and weighs only 6 pounds.

Qpets Electronic Petself Automatic Feeder

Key Features – hopper unit, durable ABS model, speaker setup, alkaline battery, recording system.

Pros – prevent the overloading, safeguard the pest attack, large capacity food storage.

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