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Like other pets, cats usually don’t require a lot of attention because they can take care of themselves, just provide them a pan of litter and a cat food dispenser. Litter boxes are designed to make your job easier and this product takes the work out of managing your cat’s waste box and so allows you to focus on important household activities.

Life just gets too busy, and then you have to take your time to scoop out your pet’s waste regularly. Are you tired of cleaning the litter boxes? Well hereafter, no more scooping and wasting time because self-cleaning litter boxes are available in the market to make your work simple and easy.

Every cat owner is different and they have various unique needs, so it’s important to identify the best self-cleaning litter boxes according to your pet’s situation and characteristics.

Top 5 Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Just ignore the bad part of owing the cat by using the self-cleaning litter boxes to keep your house clean and odor free. Its common people love the cat and hate litter boxes, consider our best self-cleaning litter box products to buy a best one.

Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box from CatGenie

Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box from CatGenie

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The self-cleaning litter box from CatGenie is the perfect solution if you don’t want to touch the litter box again. It works like a cat litter box and flushes waste like a regular toilet which contains water and washable plastic granules.

It is self cleaning, self functioning and actually works like flushing toilet for the cat. This unit is environmentally friendly and free from germs and odor. The best part of this device is you don’t need to change granules because it contains permanent washable granules.

When the cat waste passes from the washable granules to the holding area, it pulls all the waste and pushes in to a reservoir and then it is liquefy and flush out of the toilet.

After this process, a vegetarian approved sanitizing solution is mixed with water to clean the bowl completely. When this cleaning process is over, it blows hot air over the wet granules to make them dry.

Moreover, it uses sensor technology which detects whether the cat is using CatGenie or not and also uses smart sleep mode for switching the device on and off automatically.

It asleep for 14- 24 hours and once the unit switched back on, it works in full speed to clean any litter over the past 14-24 hours of use. It is ideal for the cat owners having more than two cats over six months.

It includes a litter box, bowl, sanitizer cartridge and granules. There are only four components to setup, just put them together and fits perfectly. You will love this litter box and this self washing self flushing cat box from CatGenie will be perfect for your household.

Ultra Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box from Scoop Free

Ultra Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box from Scoop Free

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The Ultra Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box from Scoop Free is an automatic litter box which does all the work for you. Just plug the self cleaning litter box to an electric outlet and watch how it works.

This unit is easy to use and can be left alone for more than one week, simply load it with disposable tray containing pre-filled crystal litter which last for more than one month. The sensor detects the cat when it uses litter box and then the timer will start.

The crystal present in the tray absorbs moisture, odour and then it degrades the solid cat waste, you can preset the timer for 5, 10 or 20 minutes. When the timer starts, the automatic rake sweeps through the litter and pushes waste to the waste trap.

Now, the waste trap is covered in order to eliminate the odor, every few weeks collect the disposable tray and cover it with lid for cleaning. In addition to this, it has health counter to track how many times your cat uses the litter box and this also helps to identify the possible health problems.

LM980 Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box from Littermaid

LM980 Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box from Littermaid

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Mega Self Cleaning litter box from Littermaid is one of the popular cat boxes available in the market and this unit is very simple to use, this litter box is very easy for your cat to make transition from a manual to automatic litter box.

It contains extra large litter box with high sided walls and useful for multi- cat households. Moreover, it has paw cleaning ramp in order to avoid your cat from tracking litter throughout the house.

When the cat uses the litter box, sensor stops working for 10minutes, the rake combs through the litter and collects all the waste. If the rake reaches another end, the waste receptacle opens automatically for disposing the waste and odors are absorbed by the carbon filter. This unit contains a manual mode for cleaning the litter box manually by pressing a button.

Attach the paw cleaning ramp in front of the receptacle compartment and fill the litter tray with litter up to the fill lines on either side of the box. It comes with paw cleaning ramp, litter tray, receptacle and carbon filters.

The average weight of the product is 13.2 pounds and supports weight about 15 lbs. The best part of this strong, durable machine is it holds 50 percent more litter than other automatic boxes.

Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box from PetSafe

Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box from PetSafe

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The clean litter box from PetSafe is best for the scary cats that don’t like loud noise, this unit works without making any noise and with no visible moving parts. This innovative self cleaning litter box works continuously throughout the day.

Fill the litter box with clay litter up to the fill line, the bowl moves automatically and makes one full rotation per hour. During this time, the slow moving bowl shift waste from the litter box and the waste make its way to the conveyor belt.

After this process, the cat wastes are collected in the covered waste bin and now remove the waste bin when you need to dispose of the waste. Use any small bag as a liner to make your cleaning job easier and try to remove the bag regularly in order to control odor and bacterial growth.

This unit is extremely quiet and compact, which is best for those who want a good alternative for a home where space is tight. It uses less clumping litter than traditional litter boxes for collecting litters.

The average weight of the product is 12 pounds and best suit for cats over 15 pounds or less. You can save your precious time with the help of this automatic litter box and it is very easy to set up and clean.

This is one of the wonderful units for cat owners who need a quick and smart solution to the litter box problem.

Quick Clean Cat Litter Box from Litter Spinner

Quick Clean Cat Litter Box from Litter Spinner

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Litter spinner cat litter box is one of the best self cleaning cat litter box out there and your adorable cats will definitely like this but probably it take some time to get used to it depending on your cats.

It is very easy to clean your cat’s mess and eliminate the stink. Since it bestows the odor free environment, it eliminates the most of the conventional litter boxes.

Its compact size makes this litter box fit into any smaller places and you can easily dispose the litter by simply taking out the disposal bag from the drawer and replace it with a new one. You don’t need to empty this litter spinner cat litter box daily, simply spin it and it leaves a clean bed litter after every use.

It can accommodate multiple cats up to 15 pounds and the cleaning period varies depends on the number of cats. It is environmentally friendly since it is made up of recycled polypropylene and it is easily washable with soap and water. So hereafter don’t just waste your time on cleaning and spend more time with your pets.

This user-friendly cat litter box is very easy to assemble and all you can do it just by using a Phillips screwdriver and the set up can be completed within ten minutes.

The Bottom Line

Hope you are clear in getting the self-cleaning litter box after reading the above article. You can try any one of the above products and share your experience with us. Has anyone used this automatic cleaning cat litter box before?

Has anyone used this automatic cleaning cat litter box before?

Any ideas, suggestions or queries please feel free to ping us through the comment section below.



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