Top 10 Best Dog Crates

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Dogs are domesticated mammals which are very helpful to man. The ancient works of history say that man’s first known animal to be domesticated is the dog. Similarly, it is also the first animal in the space. Dogs have been fantastic friendly companions of man for eons. They can also be trained in various ways as per the need of an individual.

Dogs can be trained in various disciplines like basic assistance, firefighting, drug spotting, rescuing, hunting and messaging as per the individual preference. Dogs are generally believed to be the descendants of wolves.

The anatomical infrastructure of dog is somewhat different, they can smell and hear beyond the limits of the human. They can see even in the dim light where a man cannot see. But, unfortunately, they are color blinded beings, and so they cannot differentiate colors.

There are nearly 800 breeds of dogs around the world. Some of them are Labrador, German shepherd, Bulldog, Beagle, Great Dane, Doberman, boxer, pug, chow chow, Chihuahua etc. The lifespan of a dog is around 10 to 13 years, only some breeds like Chihuahua, Great Danes have a little extra lifetime.

Each dog is known for its unique performance in different fields, you need to choose the right crate for your dog based on their personal behavior so that they will feel the comfort and support. Let’s have a glimpse of the personal details of some dog breeds so that picking them would be easier.

German shepherd

The German shepherd is an incredible dog species which is very friendly. The real name of this species was Deutscher Schaferhund. Since dogs of this kind were very much helpful in assisting the shepherds in herding its name was transformed as “German Shepherd”.  He is a more intelligent dog affectionate with the human family and dogs of this kind can tolerate both warm and hot climate. It has the potential energy to play and to act fast. German shepherds can grow to an average height of about 55 to 60 cms. This is one of the species used in the army to perform courageous explorations.


Labrador is a popular breed of dog which has been tamed in the regions of Canada, United States, and the UK. It is a trustworthy, agile and playful dog. Labrador dogs are the dogs which are frequently trained to guide the blind people. They are attractive pet animals and have a good affinity towards children. They can be trained according to the need of its master by using certain commanding words like come, sit, go, catch, run, stop etc. A male Labrador may weigh around 32 to 35 kilograms. Some colors of the Labrador dogs like solid black, solid yellow, solid chocolate are more attractive.

Great Dane

Great Dane is a breed of domestic dog from Germany known for its gigantic size. He is also referred as “Gentle giant” or “Apollo of dogs”. The lifespan of this dog is from 8 to 11 years. Its height is around 76 to 86 cms and weighs around 60 to 90 kilograms. He has a muscular body and a long graceful neck. But to your surprise, Great Danes won’t eat much and doesn’t need a big place to play.


This is an intelligent, loyal and fearless dog breed developed by a German tax collector named Louis Dobermann. The lifespan of this type of dogs is around 12 to 14 years. They enjoy exercises. Dobermann dogs have a short, shiny coat which is usually black, dark red and blue in color, even though there are a considerable amount of members in a family Dobermann dogs bond with only one person. Sometimes they get extremely agitated.

Similarly, there are large numbers of dogs with various features with different adaptability, friendliness, health, potential, affection, intelligence, training, drive, intensity, exercise, playfulness etc.


Pomeranians are small dogs but cute in their physical appearance and elegance. They are very much similar to the size of a cat and this type of dog breed seems to a puffball made up of whiskers. People naturally will develop an attractive mentality on seeing this dog. The weight of this dog is hardly 4 kilograms and its life expectancy is around 12 to 16 years. In 1888, Queen Victoria adopted a small red Pomeranian dog after which the intention of choosing a red dog became popular among the people.

Now coming to the exact topic of the discussion, people intend to buy various dogs in terms of various aspects like color, size, hunting, guides, pets etc. But not all the dogs can be raised in the same environments, some dogs need a good amount of hot sun but the other may find it difficult to cope up with the same weather. So it is evident that all dogs need a different type of weather, food and also different sized crates.

Now, what is a crate?

A crate is a big container which is used to carry heavy items from one place to other which is usually made up of wire material, plastic or nylon. Dogs are also carried from one place to other using crates but there are specific crates which serve that purpose. Sometimes people may set out for a vacation to some distant places, in that case, we have to take our pet also with us because there will no one to help that soul and the pet being will not even get food till we come back. Let’s show some mercy on our pets too. A clever solution to this problem is to have a dog crate which will let you take your pet along with you surprisingly there are crates available with the base pan also which provides additional luxury to your pet.

How to pick a perfect dog crate?

Dog crates are usually available in various sizes, styles, features and much more. Here are some important characteristics you need to look in a dog crate in order to get the right one for your dog breed.


Always pick a crate which will provide good atmospheric air to your pet. In some situations your dog may need a little shade or warmth; in that case, you can use a cover to enclose your dog crate. The size of your crate is the most important factor in purchasing a dog crate. You might purchase a small crate thinking your dog is a puppy. But once your dogs grow you have to go for a new big crate. It would be better if you find the maximum level that your dog can grow and then pick the crate accordingly. So get a crate with a good volume such that your pet can sleep, crawl, stand and turn around.


Next factor is the portability of the crate. Even though your crate is big and luxurious for your dog it is you who is going to carry it, so make sure you have a holder attached to the crate. Some crates can be folded easily when not in use. Such crates are really good.


People sometimes make mistakes by picking heavy crates thinking that they have selected the best quality crate. But the reality isn’t the same; remember that you have to carry it (not always though) wherever you go. Additionally, you have the weight of the dog also.

Top 10 Best Dog Crates

Are you are clear on all the necessary factors you need to have in your dog crate? I hope the above buying guide made you clear about it; the next step is to choose the dog crate from the right manufacturer who can provide you with all essentials with good quality performance and reasonable price.

In order to make our readers work easier, we have listed out the top ten best dog crates after a deep research, the below selection is also based on the customer ratings, reviews, performance, breed type, volume and much more. Here are the top 10 dog crates available to make your exploration easy.

Merry two in one pet crate and gate

Merry two in one pet crate and gate

This crate is the masterpiece of all the crates available in the market and this crate is brown in color. There are large crates and medium-sized crates in this model out of which the dimension of the medium size one is 32.5 x 23.5 x 22.5 inches and the large one is about is 40 x 28 x 31.5 inches. Merry pet crate and gate is a highlighting piece of furniture at home which has many folds which can be easily altered into a form of gate or hindrance.

Moreover, Merry two in one pet crate and gate has a top flat surface with the polished outlook which we can use as a regular table, that’s why it is called two in one crate. Merry two in one pet crate and gate has four faces with the grilled metal wire which provides good protection to the dog and also serves as a good window, by using this two in one crate the activities of the dog can easily be monitored.

Merry pet crate and gate is accompanied with a plastic pan which can be placed at the base of the crate which can keep your pet above the ground thus preventing the loss of heat from its body. There is a lock on one face of the grilled windows which can entangle the animal inside the crate safely; this face of the crate has an outer frame and a door too. The Merry pet crate and gate can also be altered to be a hurdle by opening the lock; removing the plastic pan and by dismantling the top wooden table.

This hurdle can be kept on the doorsteps which can also prevent your baby from falling off the doorsteps and to your surprise, Merry crate and gate can also be assembled easily like folding a paper.

Collapsible Aluminum Dog Crate

Collapsible Aluminum Dog Crate

Collapsible Aluminum dog crate is actually 41 x 25 x 29 inches in dimension which when collapses the entire size of the dog crate gets reduced to hardly 8 inches in height. This feature provides an easy way of transportation; when you carry the entire crate it would be like carrying a briefcase. Collapsible Aluminum dog crate is made up of heavy duty aluminum which is coated with the acutely rust resistant powder so that even if the crate is drenched for a long time it would not get rusted.

The latches used in the Collapsible Aluminum dog crate are marine grade stainless steel latches which means, even if it is drenched in the salt water the latches will not corrode. All the latches used in the door of the Collapsible Aluminum dog crate are slam latches and there is no need for the master to lock the dog with a key.

The door shuts automatically, besides the corners are covered with a special plastic caps which make the corners crush proof thus providing a fantastic look to the crate. There are no rivets used in the Collapsible Aluminum dog crate. Instead of rivets, welded bars are used to provide additional strength to the crate.

The Collapsible Aluminum dog crate has proper and strong handles to carry the crate. The handles are spring loaded which makes you feel less heavy when you carry the crate.

Since the crate is made up of aluminum, carrying the crate will also be easy, also the entire crate is ventilated from all the 4 sides. Furthermore; the crate can be easily cleaned using these ventilating holes and also the voluminous room inside the crate provides enough comfort and safety to the dog.

Guardian ProSelect Gear Dog Cage

Guardian ProSelect Gear Dog Cage

Guardian Proselect Gear Dog Cage is a steel cage dog crate which is supported by tough steel tubes of half inch 20 gauge steel. The dimensions of a medium-sized cage are about 35.75 x 23.5 x 24.5 inches and that of the large cage is about 40.75 x 28.12x 31.75 inches. The usage of high gauge steel and eminent workmanship has made this Guardian Proselect Gear dog crate as the one of the spectacular product. All the four sides are lined with the metal bars which provide adequate weight to the crate and prevent shaking of the crate when the dog goes mad. The entire crate has a spacious cabin and even if the pet stands or moves around the dog will not hurt itself.

The Guardian Proselect Gear Dog Cage is also lined with steel tubes on the top surface and this prevents the dog from hopping outside the crate. The floor of this crate is also made up of steel tubes to provide additional ventilation to the dog and the steel tubes used in this crate provide a good life for the Guardian Proselect gear dog cage. There is a floor tray under the metal tubes which would be easier to clean up the messes made by the dog; moreover, the dog can also be maintained with a perfect hygiene in a clean environment. Since Guardian Proselect Gear dog cage is made up of steel tubes it would be heavy and so lifting the cage is not possible for an ordinary man and so casters (wheels) are provided to move the cage. The casters can also be adjusted to maintain stability and to prevent the cage from unwanted movements, the casters used in this crate can also be removed as per the master’s requirements.

Midwest Ovation dog crate

MidWest Homes for Pets

Midwest Ovation dog crate is a metal dog crate which comes in five sizes namely, 25-inch w/divider, 30-inch w/divider, 36-inch w/divider, 42-inch w/divider, 48-inch w/divider.  Single door and double door options are also available.

This Midwest Ovation dog crate is a spacious dog crate completely made up of grilled metal wire which would be convenient to provide plenty of ventilation to the dog inside the crate. It also consists of a free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan and a strong handle to lift the crate. Midwest homes also provide a warranty of 1 year for this ovation dog crate.

It can be carried anywhere as it is very light and when the pet is not in the crate it can be easily folded flat for convenient storage. The leak-proof plastic pan collects the shedding, chew wastes and other unwanted wastes from the pet and also keeps away from ground contact. People might think that this metallic crate would create scratches on their expensive floor; there is a solution for that too. The bottom portion of the leak-proof plastic pan has rubber feet to protect your most expensive floorings in a house. Midwest Ovation dog crate comes with one more additional feature of double doors, one door is on the front side of the crate and the other is on one of the successive sides, one door opens upwards and the other opens sideward’s. Midwest Ovation dog crate provides a lot of contact with the external environment by its simple design in such a way that the dog doesn’t feel that it has been imprisoned when it is inside the crate. There are no locks and keys used in this type of crates just because to provide simplicity to both the user and the pet.

Elite Field 3 Door Folding Dog Crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

Elite Field 3 Door Folding Dog Crate is a simple bag like a crate whose main frame is made up of metal tubes which are made up of highly durable 600 D fabric and hex mesh fabric. It is very much similar to the structure of a cube with a strong metal frame which has three openings (on the front, side, and top) to provide ventilation and sunlight to the dog. This Elite field 3 doors folding dog crate has a free carrying bag and a small fleece bed suitable for the dogs. It has strong carrying straps at its top and adjustable shoulder straps which would be necessary to carry the dog easily and it is definitely an easy and portable type of dog crate. Elite is a NewYork based pet product manufacturer who provides a two-year warranty for this Elite 3 door folding dog crate, moreover, it provides money back guarantee, customer satisfaction guarantee and product quality guarantee.

The elite folding crate comes in various colors like maroon, blue, grey, green, brown etc. The pad at the bottom is waterproof and the special feature of this crate is that it does not make the dog feel imprisoned.

Handlers Choice Aluminum Luxury series

Handlers Choice

Handlers Choice Aluminum Luxury series is a tough piece of dog crate with intensive lightweight aluminum metal which is partially made up of aluminum panels around the side, back, and the top faces. The four aluminum panels provide predominant strength and support to the entire infrastructure and the aluminum panels used in this dog crate is scratch free. Even if the dog scratches the surface hard, it would not affect the architecture, the remaining structure is grilled with aluminum bars which allow a good volume of air to flow in. Handlers Choice Aluminum Luxury series includes 2 tie-down straps which can hold the animal from moving out; moreover, it also consists of a rubber mat to provide proper friction for the dog (hopefully aluminum would be slippery)

Since aluminum is used in the design of the Handlers choice Aluminum Luxury series dog crate it is easy to carry because of its lightweight which is also protected by the impressive and strong doors which can lock the animal as per the masters wish. The key associated with the doors is an interesting feature in the Handlers Choice Aluminum Luxury Series dog crate.

Haige Pet Tray and Wheels Dog Crate

Haige Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Haige Pet Tray and Wheels Dog crate is a robust design among the heavy duty dog crates in which the body of the cage is made up of strong heavy duty steel wire which makes the crate armored. The frames are made up of metal square tubes to reinforce the entire crate.

Some dogs are clever enough to find a way out of the crate, in such circumstance; we need additional levers to prevent it. The Haige Pet Tray and Wheels Dog crate is the solution to such issue which is supported by two stainless latches in order to prevent accidental escape of the dog. In some branded dog crates, the base of the crate (the place actually where dogs sleep) would be constructed with round or square metal pipes with plenty of space between each bar. If the base of the crate (floor grate) has rounded bars with a lot of space then the dog’s paw will get trapped inside it and if there are square bars with a lot of space then the dog will feel uncomfortable to sleep. This problem can be rectified using the Haige Pet Tray and Wheels dog crate which consists of closely arranged grilled metal bars at its bottom. This facilitates the dog by providing a happy nap in the quiet flat base.

Haige Pet Tray and Wheels dog crate consist of 4 wheels at the base for easy portability; two among the wheels can be adjusted to move the crate or stay idle. This crate is rust and chew resistant, coated with non-toxic paint which is dog-friendly and has two-floor pans which are used to collect wastes. As a whole, Haige Pet Tray and Wheels dog crate can be used indoors and outdoors as per the requirement of the user.

Ecoflex steel pet crate

ecoFlex Pet Crate

Ecoflex steel pet crate is an exquisite and spectacular crate that has been used for dogs whose size is 35.4 x 24 x 28 inches. Ecoflex steel pet crate is made up of a non-toxic wood polymer which does not warp, crack or split. Ecoflex steel pet crate is a complete box-like structure which is made up of polymer panels of which four panels form walls which consist of steel spindles raised from half of its breadth. This set up provides enormous ventilation to the dog which would provide more comfort and safety to the dog.

There is polymer sheet on the top of the crate and at the base of the crate, the top polymer sheet provides shelter from the sun, whereas the bottom sheet abstains the dog from having direct contact with the ground thus preventing loss of body heat. There are two latches attached to this crate to operate the doors and it is not a chew proof crate and so it is recommended only for crate trained dogs. If it is used for dogs which are not crate trained, they may feel entangled and imprisoned, such kind of dogs will try to come out of the crate and start to chew the crate wherever possible. This would damage the crate and the dog teeth as well. The polymer sheets used in the Ecoflex steel crate is a dog-friendly, non-toxic material, so even if the dog chews the polymers no health issues will occur to the dog.  A warranty of 1 year is also presented to this Ecoflex steel crate. This crate has a flat top which can be used as a decorative occasional table or as a nightstand too.

Petmate dual Door dog crate

Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

Petmate dual Door dog crate is a simple and compact crate suitable for small sized dogs with the height of 7 inches and length of 15 inches. It is a standard and decent airline accepted pet crate which is made up of plastic and steel to ensure proper safety, access to light and breeze. It is a durable two door dog crate in which one door opens at the top and the other opens at a side, the top door consists of a strong handle that can withstand the weight of the entire crate these doors are provided to supply adequate light and ventilation to the dog, on the other hand, the pet can always have some sort of eye contact with the person having the crate. Unlike other dog crates, the Petmate dual dog crate is a lucid crate which contains a shoulder strap, with which we can carry a pet in a crate as if we carry a usual bag. Assembling the parts of the Petmate dual door crate and dismantling it is very easy. It means cleaning the crate is also quite easy.

Advantek  Modular Outdoor dog crate

Advantek Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel

Advantek  Modular Outdoor dog crate is an easy constructive crate which has been meticulously built with metal mesh. It consists of a weather resistant polyurethane cover on the top which serves as the roof to the crate and like other crates, this crate cannot be carried from one place to another. At the same time, this crate cannot be kept inside the house also because pillar rods will not have any friction with the floor, so it will be very easy for the dog to pull the entire crate and cause damage to the crate and itself. Advantek Modular Outdoor dog crate usually fits well on the lawn; garden etc and installation of Advantek Modular Outdoor dog crate is also very easy; moreover, no tools are required to install it. Since we use this Advantek Modular dog crate only in the outdoors we don’t have to get stressed on cleaning up any mess made by your pet.

The meshed faces of each side provide the dog with fresh air, sunlight and contact with the outside world. There are 3 different sizes of this Advantek Modular Outdoor dog crate, the first size is about 90 x 90 x 90 inches suitable for 180 pounds; the second size is about 60 x 60 x 60 inches suitable for 100 pounds and the third size is about 48 x 48 x 48 inches suitable for 50 pounds. This is an interesting kind of dog crate in which we can combine two or more Advantek  Modular Outdoor dog crates to make a network of dog crates. It is also a travel-friendly dog crate which is very light to carry and suits travel very much.


Each dog crate mentioned in this list serves a separate and unique purpose. Liking towards a particular type of dog differs from person to person and so definitely the suggestions of the dog crates will also make a difference. That difference doesn’t mean anything about the ranking and quality of the crate. Any pick from the list above is not a bad pick. Whenever you pick a dog crate, make sure about the maximum size the dog will grow and always pick a crate which is some inches bigger than the maximum size of the dog.  We know that dogs are trained as guides, hunters, firefighters, rescuers, pets etc. and depending upon these training aspects, food habits, crates would also change. For example, for a hunting dog, a crate without a top will not work because he should be very much training in jumping. So it would be easy for him to hop over your crate which becomes ultimately useless. Please do consolidate all these data’s before you pick your crate.

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