The 10 BEST Dog Cameras to buy in 2020

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The dog monitoring cameras are the best ways to keep your dogs safe. There are wide varieties of pet cameras available from a no-frills basic security camera to specially designed products which allow you to video chat with animals. The most high-tech cameras come with cool features such as treat dispensers as well as calming scent release.

Your household will definitely get benefit from the pet camera because it allows keeping tabs on your furry friend. To find the perfect pet camera to keep an eye on your pet, here are some of them which offer you distinct advantages. Choose a place to set the camera where your dog can play freely and the camera will capture the best angle over your pet activities.

Many cameras offer a remote-controlled laser light which gives an opportunity to chat with pets and to play with toys. This can help to keep your dog entertained and active when you have a few minutes free. It is possible to zoom the camera in and out to look the pet; if it is unpredictable this can be useful.

Some can pan from side to side, rotate on a central axis, or tilt up and down in response to your remote commands. The stored images and videos come in handy, so you can look back and view it at any time you want. Internal flash memory is built-in for every camera but it can also be paired up with other forms of storage.

Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Security Camera

Vimtag VT-361 Super HD

It comes in a variety of models and can be fitted perfectly for both indoor and outdoor use. Vimtag is one of the smart security cameras so it allows you to pan and tilt the camera to see it all around the room.

It is designed with two-way built-in microphone for calling your pet to the surveillance camera for easy and quick check-in. it takes just five minutes to fix this camera, you can use SD card to store and play back the footages covered in camera. You can call your pet and chat through the two-way audio and can see them even in the dark through night vision facility.

With the help of live video connected through your home Wifi, you can check what your pet is doing; it can be viewed by a smartphone or tablet app. It offers an excellent picture quality HD video and a wide range of movement. It can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally as well as vertically to cover extraordinary videos and images. It also has three times zoom function and a good night vision.

You can just plug the camera into the power outlet; the internet connection can be wired through Wifi. The WPS button can be used for Wifi setup, and the camera produces a super clear night vision for obtaining better results.

YI Dome Indoor Security Surveillance

YI Dome Camera

If you want true 360-degree views, you need the YI dome camera. It is designed with a wide angle lens so you can see what is going on in the whole room. This camera can be able to capture up to 720-pixel video even at night, it is possible to record the footage on a micro SD card.

You can set the camera according to your favorite position and then return to it with the tap of the button. It can send you some activity alerts and captures up to 10-second clips of the event.

This camera is designed with a user-friendly and intuitive app to customize the settings; like bookmarks, camera sharing, customize schedules etc. it is available in three color options to suit any home décor. This wireless camera offers a high-quality 1 megapixel and 1280×720 pixel video streams that can be viewable on your android devices.

You can be able to connect multiple cameras for complete home and pet monitoring system. It features pan and tilt options and allows you to capture your pet, no matter where they are. Remote pan and tilt give more comfort to find the perfect viewing angle and this is Wifi enabled security camera to easily review the footage for the whole day.

Zmodo EZCam Wireless Camera with Night Vision

Zmodo EZCam

The Zmodo EZCam is the perfect security camera to monitor your pet. It can give an instant access to 24/7 live video which also includes motion detection alerts. It comes with a two-way audio facility so you can call the pet over or hear them barking. The speaker is designed with an advanced technology to filter out the background noise, so you can clearly hear and communicate with the dog.

Motion clip alerts are stored on the cloud for 36 hours which also enhances your camera’s intelligence level such as minimizing false alerts. You can access real-time video from multiple phones, so you and your family can check the dog’s activity daily. It doesn’t weigh too much, you just hang it over anywhere to monitor the pet including doorway, in front of a sofa or covering a large room. As soon as the camera detects your pet’s movement in front of the camera, the video will start recording and an alert will be sent to all the connected devices.

It is simple to fix this camera and you can use it easily with the help of Zmodo app for Android and iOS devices. You can adjust the position of the camera with the 180 degrees manually rotatable base.

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo dog monitoring camera offers fantastic design and it has a 120-degree wide-angle view and comes with night vision. It looks small and stylish and Furbo is specially designed for dogs. When the dog is barking or if it produces some unusual noise then alert will be sent to all the paired devices, so you can rectify it.

The two-way microphone allows communication from both sides, so you can easily talk and listen to hear what your pet is doing and how it responds to your voice. It requires an internet connection through Wifi and allows for bark alerts by just sending a notification to your mobile when a pet is making noise.

This camera is great for watching your family pet during the day and night and is available in a variety of colors to suit whatever pet monitoring needs you to have. Night vision allows you to see up to 15 feet in complete darkness. The wireless camera connects easily and quickly to your home’s wireless network to boost the network signal.

It features pan and tilts to help you get the ideal viewing angle of your furry friend. It comes with 720-pixel high-definition, 112-degree wide angle with advanced glass lens and also creates a complete 360-degree rotation.

Petcube Play Pet Camera

Petcube Play Pet Cameras

The Petcube interactive Wifi camera looks very attractive and offers 138-degree wide angle HD video camera with recording capabilities. It comes with a two-way audio and motion sound detection features to communicate with your dog perfectly. It is one of the high-definition cameras which offers both live and recorded video this is the best feature about Petcube.

It can be capable of recording up to 1080 pixel video and looks sleeky. The night vision makes it one of the popular cameras on the market. Petcube play is easy to install because just you have to plug in the camera and connect through Wifi to record the videos.

You can also make use of the camera’s zoom to take a closer look at what your pet is doing. It works great for getting lazy animals up off the couch and even the family members can access the camera so they can play too. Since it’s an indoor and outdoor camera you can even add an additional waterproof camera to the system to monitor your pet.

Night vision capability is perfect for when you are away from home but you need to make sure that your pet isn’t misbehaving. It offers an ideal range of motion detection from around five to 20 feet so there will be more space to place the camera in a large area.

Petzi Treat Camera & Treat Dispenser

Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi treat cam is a Wifi connected pet camera, it has a 720-pixel wide-angle camera with night vision. The quality is more than good enough to view all the footages captured in the camera.

The audio system allows one-way communication with your pet so there is no chance of hearing your pet response to the sound of your voice. You can record the videos and share it with your family members or on your favorite social network through a smartphone app.

It is possible to place this camera anywhere and includes multiple mounting options for secure placement on the floor or on the wall. It depends on the size of your pet. It is possible to snap the picture of your pet and view it continuously to see what the changes in your pet are.

You can interact with it remotely through pet safe laser toy controlled from your phone, or just set auto play mode to play and exercise your pet. The optional feature can be turned on and off; it allows you to view the live footage of your dog in HD quality because it is recorded with a 138-degree lens. It can be monitored and interacted with a specialized mobile app supported by iOS and other mobiles

PetChatz HD pet treat camera

PetChatz HD camera

PetChatz allows two-way video and audio experience, this camera also comes with 720 pixels and permits both the pet and owner to communicate easily. It has some unique features which will not be seen in any other product.

This camera has an extraordinary sound and motion detection. You can mount this camera to a wall without any wires, so it can be completely safe for your animals. It is the one and only camera which is packed with high-tech functionality and it is also the most expensive option to buy.

It is possible to record all the videos and share it with all family members to watch your dog’s activities. This camera offers a whole host of features that may help to keep an eye on your furry friend. It provides remote HD quality video monitoring so no matter where your pet is and always allows you to talk with and play laser games with your pet.

The monitor features a good color screen for easy viewing while the camera boasts pan, tilt and zoom capabilities help to adjust at the right angle. The sensor is incredibly versatile and can be used to detect the number of things including vibration and when the door is opened or closed.

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder Camera

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

This camera is actually built into a feeding dish; the feed and go smart pet feeder will take care of your animals. You can use the web camera to make sure that your pet is behaving and eating properly with the help of this camera.

This equipment is constructed with six compartments which can be filled with dry and wet food; it is easy to use the app to set up a feeding schedule. The webcam is fixed right above the food dish that allows you to see your pet through the app. The resolution of the camera is quite low, and it works only in the daytime.

The feed and go allow for dispensing of treats and medications as needed if your pet is not in front of the camera the built-in microphone allows you to call them over. Within those six compartments, each can be capable of holding up to eight ounces of treats or food.

It is not good to store the wet food for more than 24 hours, locking in a feeding schedule is easily done through the smartphone downloadable app. It makes short videos when movement or sound is detected and with the free version of the app you can set up to 4 hours of clips.

Pawbo Life Wifi Pet Camera

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

The Pawbo life Wifi pet camera can perform various functions like recording audio, video, dispense treats and even controls other Pawbo accessories. It can allow you to watch 720 pixel HD video from your phone.

It is possible to zoom the lens up to 4x, the recorded video and audio can be stored on your phone. This camera can allow two-way talk features that allow you and your pet to communicate properly. Your voice can make your dog cheer and it even plays a ringtone to get your cat’s or dog’s attention.

The Pawbo life Wifi pet camera has a popular pet camera feature which gives a lot of comfort to your animals when you stay out of your home. It offers a simple and elegant design and an easy to set up the process; this comes with a number of impressive features. The Pawbo device boasts 110-degree ultra wide angle lens along with a high picture quality videography and recording.

Pawbo features a laser dot chase game with both manual and automatic modes so you can do it according to your wish. It provides different ways to interact with your pets; you can talk with your pet through a microphone or give some exercise using the laser.

Motorola Scout66 Wifi Monitoring Camera

Motorola Scout66 Wifi Monitoring Camera

The scout detects the temperature in the room to ensure whether can stay in a cool or warm place. It is quick to easy and set up and gives you remote live video streaming that can easily function through smartphones, tablets or even desktop computers. The video is made with HD quality and there is also the capability for two-way audio so your pet can hear your voice and come in front of the camera.

There is a good night vision option which provides a high-quality image and videos so you can view and monitor your furry friend even at dark times. The camera can pan or tilt, horizontally by 360 degrees or vertically by 120 degrees, it doesn’t have a digital zoom feature so you can record only the footages.

It also has motion detection function and snapshot alert that you can use to notify if you want to see when your dog wakes up.  The set up includes both indoor and outdoor camera as well as 3.5-inch full-color LCD monitor. From that monitor, you can pan, tilt and zoom with the cameras as well as viewing in infrared during the night time. It has an easy plug and plays set up, so it is quick to install and get going.

Things to consider before buying a pet camera:

Pet monitoring camera offers 24/7 observation facility to keep your dog safe and happy throughout the day.  The right monitoring camera ensures optimum care even if you are not available at home. How do you know about the best pet camera? Here are some of the key factors to consider before buying the camera.

Two-Way communication technology:

It is very important to look for this feature because you should ensure two-way communication to interact with your pet. Look for a two-way talk camera along with microphone and speaker so you can speak into your phone.

This ability will help to enhance the bonding with your pet even when you are stuck at your desk for another hour. Some cameras go a step farther by just including a screen which can show your face clearly to pet while you are talking. Your pet can do this by pressing the button when they feel lonely.

Night Vision:

If your pet will be left alone at night, then you can look for a camera with the best night vision capability. This will let you see at least a few feet in front of the camera even when the lighting is very low. But the image will be displayed in black and white in color, but you can see what is going on at home during that time.

It is also helpful to monitor your pet when you are working late or stay away for a long time for some purpose. It can provide 24 hours monitoring and doesn’t get cut off only lack of lighting.

Your pet camera may need Wi-Fi

Most of the pet cameras come with Wifi technology to communicate with your phone through this connection. Majority of people live in areas with little or no coverage, so look for a camera that has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity. The range will be shorter but at least it will work efficiently.

If you have a strong Wifi connection, then it may be easy to communicate with your pet. Each device you add to your network will give more speed and reliability. It is possible to capture video, audio, dispense treats, plays laser tag and controls other accessories. You can record videos and take pictures that will be stored on your phone.

High quality live video streaming:

It is one of the most basic features to look in a pet camera. Because a dog camera needs to capture its overall activity when you are away from your pet. So the quality of live video streaming is the most important issue, then you should consider it while buying a pet monitor. You need a smartphone app and a wide-angle HD camera to get the best output in real-time communication.

It must offer 720-pixel resolutions which are good enough to see what your pet is doing in general. If you need to know how much food your pet is eating during each visit of the food bowl then it is essential to buy a camera with 1080 pixel.

Wrapping Up!

Choose the best pet camera which comes with special features and convenience. Make a proper decision on what pet camera you need to buy for monitoring your precious little pup. The dog camera can save their life and makes it more happy and comfortable.

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