How To Set Automatic Pet Feeder?

The process  of assembling the automatic pet  feeder  requires a little of your time. But, trust me, it is one of the easiest jobs. Without using any other  tools, you can easily  set  the  pet feeder. Also, make sure you follow the instructions provided in the user manual.

How To Set Automatic Pet Feeder

How To Set Automatic Pet Feeder?

From the information below, you can understand  the settings of the automatic pet feeder.

Assembling The Feeder

Align the hopper above the base, where the food is placed. The basement  is usually made of the plastic material.  Just insert the hopper into the base and  fit it strongly into it.  If it fits to be in a tilted position, reinsert the hopper.  Line up the arrow alignment on the sides of the hopper, with the arrow alignment on the locking lid.  Keep the lid on the top of the hopper. Ensure to lock the lid properly.

Place the bowl on the base and remove  the bowl easily without any difficulty.  By removing the bowl, place the hand below the bowl and lift it up. Now, pull it out horizontally from the base. Remove the cover of the battery and insert three alkaline batteries. Further, click the on position and then fill the hopper with dry or wet  foods. However, the dry foods stay safe  for long periods of time.

Screw up the parts tightly with the feeder for holding all the parts of the feeder together. With the help of screws and  snap fittings, assemble the feeder quickly without delay.

Programming The Pet Feeder

Press the enter button for the meals to start flashing.  By pressing the up or down arrow, the  size of the menu can be increased or decreased.  Based on the needs of your pets, you can change the settings. If the size of the pet is small, give only a lesser amount of food by lowering the values. Otherwise, you can set higher values for offering more amount of foods to your pets.

The note “served”, will be displayed on the screen and it indicates the number of meals served. If  the timings  are  set at the time of initial setup, wait until the program gets over. Also, you can set the time with the change timings option.

On reading the above information, you can collect some of the important points about how to set the automatic pet feeder.  Read the procedures  properly and implement  it  correctly. If you  like this article, share it on social networking sites.

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