Automatic Pet Feeder Manual-Steps to Implement

The automatic pet feeder is easy to setup and install with the use of the manual described below in this article. The automatic pet feeder keeps your pet to be well fed by the pre-defined storage of the food items in the pet feeder hopper. This automated pet feeder machine helps to make sure about the indication of correct timing over the feeding process. This pet feeder provides the guide lines to manage the feeding schedule of the pet to maintain and control without the presence of the pet owners.

Automatic Pet Feeder Manual

The main basic of inventing the automatic pet feeder is to make a fit and healthy place to stay with the proper functioning of the feeding process. This feeder machine helps to provide the right amount of food over the correct timing by means of providing constant caring over the feeder. The automatic pet feeder is vital in feeding the pets with the constant food and water supply with the help of the user’s manual.

Automatic Pet Feeder Manual

Most of the beginners of using automatic pet feeder machine find difficult to setup and install it successfully. But with the use of these pet feeder manuals, it is easy to work through the automatic pet feeder machine.

Features of the automatic pet feeder 

  • It consists of the 12 hours and 24 hours clock display to show the feeding time.
  • This automatic pet feeder used to feed the food based on the time set up over the machine.
  • It helps to adjust the quantity of the food level through the food flowing tube to the pet’s bowl.
  • Includes the personal voice record message of about 6 minutes to remind the pet for feeding over the food items.
  • This pet feeder constitutes the battery storage for four number which helps to last longer for about one year of duration.
  • The LED display is affixed to indicate the dying of the battery by means of blinking the red light.

Key options over the pet feeder panel 

The automatic pet feeder machine consists of the following keys over the panel to control the feeder in feeding the cats and dogs in an efficient manner. The CLOCK helps to display the current timing over the machine whereas the TIMER option remains to switch over the preset feeding duration. The VOL button helps to set the feeding amount over the machine and SET button provide the conformation about the whole working of the feeder machine. The REC option used to record the feeding message and the PLAY option helps to play the voice message over the correct feeding time. The DAY button helps to set the count of days to feed in the absence of the owner in the home. The ON switch helps to reset the default settings to extend the time duration whereas the SET button helps to confirm the feeding setup over the machine.

General operation of the automatic pet feeder 

The general operating steps over the automatic pet feeder is step down as follows.

  • The main thing to prepare the pet feeder to feed over the pet animals is to make sure of the battery storage unit.
  • Insert the four batteries of the alkaline type over the tray given in the battery unit and make sure not to use over the cheap carbon batteries which tends to damage the whole unit.
  • Gently close the battery unit and switch on the feeder machine given next to the battery unit.
  • Most of the feeder works under the cycle of 12 hours to create the flashing over the LCD display.
  • Set the timing as far of your concerned days to feed over the pets in the panel display.
  • After setting the timing duration, record the voice message over the feeder machine to alert the pet over the feeding time.
  • It creates the beep sound during the fault created in the tray to flow the food to the pet’s bowl.
  • In case of the battery dying, the red light blinks over the LED display to indicate the changing of battery over the feeder machine.
  • Remove the food cover and the food tank for cleaning in case of getting dirty over long term storage and be sure not to wash the tank over the dishwashing unit.
  • Clean the feeder machine with the soft brush before refilling the pet’s food item into the food tank affixed to it.

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