Everything You Need to Know About Automatic Dog Feeders with Timer

Are you going for the long trip leaving your dog home alone? The innovation in the automatic dog feeders with timer enables you to leave the home without worrying about your pets.

It is important to provide the right amount of food for your pets at regular time period. But if you don’t have time to take care of your dog, then you can get the automatic pet food dispenser with the timer which allows your pet to feed on a timely basis.

Automatic Dog Feeders with Timer

Usually, the feeders contain large containers for storing the food for many hours and releases it in the regular period. The main advantage of using the automatic pet dispenser is that it reduces the spoilage of food and it will not allow the pollutants in the atmosphere contacting the food.

There are different models available in the market and choosing the one from that is a tedious process. In this article, you can get more details about the automatic dog feeder with the timer.

How do they work?

If you put the small amount of food in the bowl, then your pet eats it without leaving a single piece but you cannot place more food for the whole day. The timer is a good idea and it will dispense the required quantity of food at the regular interval. These types of devices are available in various sizes, shape, material, price and the programming option.

Nourishment throughout the Day

If you follow the balanced diet for your pet which is based upon the quality and quantity of the food, then you can schedule it using the timer. Try to provide the meals regularly in order to avoid the aggressive behavior of the pet.

The regular nourishment enhances the overall health of the pet and provides an energetic lifestyle. You can adjust the volume of the food and it will dispense the section of the food each time.

Multiple Day Feeders

It is important to provide the food in the regular schedule if the pet is diabetic or having many other health problems as it will help to stabilize the glucose level of the blood. If you are a workaholic pet owner, then the automatic pet feeder with timer is the great solution for you. 

Some feeders are designed to dispense food for several days and they come in three different sizes namely small, medium and large. The digital timer present in this type of devices helps to drop the food from the hopper into the bowl.

Some automatic food feeder devices work on the 20 volt AC power and another type works with the rechargeable battery. You can also adjust the position and height of the device according to your need.

Health and Convenience

A recent study shows that one in four dogs are suffering from overweight and this cause many health problems same as that of the humans such as liver disease, osteoporosis, diabetes etc. The best solution for this is the constant exercise and balanced meals.

You can set the feeders for delivering the food from two to six cups at the preset intervals and it will dispense the food maximum five times per day. It improves the health of your dog and provides the nourishment throughout the day.

Tips to Choose the Automatic Pet Feeder

Before choosing the feeder you have to find how many portions it will serve, the number of days it works and the type of the food they store like dry or wet.


The feeder timers are available in different ranges from 1 to 30 days. The simple settings provide food for a single time and with the advanced feature, you can set it for different times per day.  

Capacity and Number of Portions:

The feeding bowls open when it reaches the scheduled time and the size ranges from 175 to 500 ml. The size of the bowl is very important because it should be convenient for the pet. The minimum size of the storage bin is 10 liters and it is enough for multiple weeks.  

Food Type:

Many pet owners’ gives dry foods for their pets but you can also store the wet food ,if you want to keep the food fresh for longer periods then fit an ice pack to the device.

Additional Features:

The new features are included in the pet dispensers, you can set the short voice recording so that it will play during the scheduled time. This method helps to alert the pet and they can feel that the food is getting served at the right time by their owner.

Bottom Line

Many customers are happy about this invention because it will feed the pet at right time and their dogs never miss the meals.  

If you invest in the automatic food dispenser, then you can save your time and effort. Let’s know in comments if you are using any food dispenser for your pets?


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