Automatic Feeders for Cats: Types, Pros and Cons

Have you ever spend your late night at your office or anywhere away from your home? If so you can understand the problems associated with free feeding the cats. You can’t leave food open just in case of the situations as there are high chances for pests, insects, and bugs to occupy the food. Apart from that, leaving the food open will bring adverse effects in diabetic or overweight cats.

Every problem has a solution, yeah! Automatic Feeder for Cats is the opt choice in emergency situations and cases as they are safe and developed with simpler operations.

The Working Mechanism

You are required to program the feeder to provide the food for your cat at the right time, you can choose the amount of time, what time your food needs and much more based on the cat requirement so that they automatically dispense food to your cat at the right time you fixed. This means no more overeating, bugs, and mess, there are feeders for both cats and dogs.

Who can get benefited from Automatic Feeders?

  • People who are away from the home for a long period of time.
  • If you need your cats to stay on a restricted diet as they always overeat.
  • Picky Eaters, cats who always need fresh foods rather than the old ones.
  • Cats who always play with their food, also love to have more fun during hunting down the food in the feeder.

How to choose an Automatic Feeder?

Here are few things you need to consider before buying an automatic feeder.

  • Dry vs Wet food: Dispensing wet food with the help of a dry food feeder will not work.
  • It is important to get the right product for dispensing the required amount of food for your pet at regular intervals. The feeder which dispenses the same quantity of food for each time is not a good choice.
  • The next thing you have to check is the storage capacity of the feeder because it should contain enough space to store food for the longer period.
  • You have to find whether the feeder dispenses the kibble size pet food or not.
  • If your cat is very curious in finding foods, then it may break the dispensers so it is necessary to buy a durable one which comes with the closure for the storage bin.

Types of Automatic Feeders

Every year new features are included in the automatic food dispensers based on the customer’s preference, you can choose the best one for your pet from the wide varieties which are available in different size, shape, styles, and price.

Programmable Automatic Cat Feeders

The most advanced technologies are included in this type of cat feeders and this acts as the best option for your pets. You can set the feeding time and the quantity of the food for the regular intervals. The bins are big enough to store dry or wet food and some automatic feeders are suitable for both dogs and cats.

It will provide half to four cups of meals each time and you can set the feeding up to 12 times per day. Moreover, many programmable automatic cat feeders come with the built-in webcam and Wi-Fi features in order to watch the activities of your pets through your smartphones.

Electronic Food Bowls

This type of feeders does not provide as much facilities like the programmable one but it is suitable for the people who like to feed their cat throughout the day. Most electronic food bowl models contain compartments for storing different types of foods. The desired amount of food will dispense from the bin to the bowl when it reaches the meal time.

The interesting feature of this type of feeder is that you can save the short audio message , when the scheduled time reaches your pet can hear your voice so that they can feel your presence even if you are in an outdoor trip. The hoppers are removable so that you can clean it easily.  

Budget Cat Feeders

This type of cat feeder is affordable and your cat eats the food comfortably while using this device. Once the bowl is empty, it will refill the food automatically, depending upon the storage level of the hopper it will dispense it regularly.

Pros of Using an Automatic Feeder

  • If you are going for the long trip, then you don’t need to appoint a pet sitter.
  • It provides both food and medications for your pets at regular intervals.
  • No wastage of foods

Cons of Using an Automatic Feeder

  • Some feeders produce noise while dispensing the food
  • The different size of the food can jam the device

Bottom Line

Hope you got a clear idea about the automatic feeder for cats and choose the best model for your pet based on the customer reviews and ratings.

Try it and share us your experience.

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