Automatic Dog Food Dispenser- What Is It?

With the new innovations and technology, the human lives have become easier than before. There are man-made devices developed for almost all the jobs that require manual tasks to be done; feeding dogs has not been left out. Feeding the pets, especially the dogs have been difficult for most of the dog owners due to various reasons such as the busy schedules, late working hours, etc.

What Is An Automatic Dog Food Dispenser

With the invention of the automatic feeders, feeding the dogs is not a tough task anymore. With a simple setting and filling up of the meal, the automatic dog feeders can be useful in feeding the dogs from time to time without any delay irrespective of whether you are at home or out of station. Read the article below to know the necessary details about what an automatic dog feeder actually is.

An Automatic Dog Food Dispenser

Automatic dog food dispenser is nothing but a device dispensing food, preloaded to it in the required quantity set priorly. It generally consists of a hopper, made of glass or plastic for filling the food.

The hopper stores food safely with its airtight design. It also contains a bowl, usually made of ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel material to store the food particles and dispense for the dog to feeds it when required.

Who Does It Benefit?

An automatic dog feeder is useful for those who are unable to take care of their furry pet due to unavoidable situations such as the working times, vacation, etc. They are also beneficial for the elderly people owning a pet and for the disabled ones.

They can have opted if in case you wish to maintain the weight of your pet or wish to feed them in a particular quantity for every meal intake.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Automatic Feeder?

Using an automatic pet feeder will benefit you in the following ways. The list of benefits they provide includes the following,

  • With an automatic pet feeder, your dog will not miss a single meal except if you do not properly set them. It also avoids the worry about feeding your canine at a particular time. You can control the feeding with the help of the timer that it comes inbuilt with.
  • Using an automatic feeder, you can control the amount of feed you wish to give your dog and the quantity of each meal you wish to give them. This feature will help in maintaining the dog without consuming excess food than the required amount.
  • The bowl that comes attached with the device is usually dishwasher safe and as you use it for feeding in appropriate quantities, it leaves you free from the washing of extra dishes including the measuring cups and other things.

What Does It Lack?

Almost all of the man-made devices come with a negative effect or disadvantages packed together. Similarly, an automatic dog feeder has several shortcomings including the following,

  • As the pet feeder is set manually, your pet might suffer insufficient diet and remain hungry along with a deficiencient growth. It is hence better to consult a vet before you set your device.
  • The device requires filling with the meal once emptied. So, in the cases of long vacations and if you fail to fill the hopper with a meal, the dog tends to remain hungry.
  • Even though the pet feeders comes with an extra benefit of holding the wet food items, they cannot be held for a longer period when you get away from a vacation; if you leave the wet food for more than 4 hours, it tends to get oxidized and becomes inedible.

What Are The Types Of Automatic Dog Food Dispensers?

The dog feeders are available in various versions but all of which falls into any one of these two categories. They are,

1. Gravity Pet Feeders

As the name suggests, the gravity pet feeders are those that are being operated with the gravitational force. It does not require programming or presetting prior to usage. It comes with a hopper and a bowl attached.

With the gravity, the meal dispenses into the feeding bowl and it stops dispensing as soon as the bowl fills up. But, the major disadvantage of this type is that the dog will consume an excess quantity of food and get obese as it does not have a controlled dispensing schedule.

2. Electronic Pet Feeders

The electronic dog food feeders are the preferrable types of the feeders as it is capable of controlling the quantity and the sizes of meal for feeding the dog. Also, the device keeps control of the required intervals of dispensing a meal.

The device performs operations with the help of the electric power supply or with the battery operation. However, it is better to choose a pet feeder which operates in electric supply but has the backup capacity to run in case of the power failure. The device comes with a disadvantage of dispensing smaller quantities of food due to manual errors.

What Should You Know To Choose The Best Feeder?

Irrespective of the type of the feeder you choose, there are certain things that you should know before choosing a feeder for your furry friend. They are as follows.

Dog’s Feeding Habit- Before picking a product for your dog, observe the feeding habits of the dog whether they are eating faster, slower, and consume excess or low. Depending upon their feeding habit, purchase a feeder which can control the food dispensing accordingly.

Dog’s Nature- If your dog is an excess food consumer, he might try to break the nozzle and try to consume excess food than supplied. For these types of dogs, purchase the feeder made of unbreakable material.

Dog’s Height- This is one of the major factors of consideration of buying a feeder. Make sure you measure the height of your breed to purchase the one that it can feed on. In case if you purchase a small feeder and own a taller breed, the dog will have a tough time in tipping.


To conclude, if you have decided to purchase a feeder for your canine, make sure you know about the essentials you have to consider before purchasing one. Apart from the above factors, ensure that the hopper capacity matches with your pet’s diet requirement and your schedule and go with the appropriate size. Further, purchase a wall mounted dog food dispenser in case you own a naughty pet.

Overall, a best automatic dog food feeder is the one capable of dispensing food in a number of intervals as several meal times and easy to set and program; featuring a easy to clean and maintain hopper with a bowl.

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